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Neo-Metro Adds Mini Loo Eco-Dual Flush Sanitary System


NEW YORK—Neo-Metro, a leading design and manufacturing firm of luxury plumbing products and a legacy division of Acorn Engineering, launched their new wall-mounted Ebb Concept wash basins for hospitality and service installations in early 2007, and introduced the Mini Loo eco-dual flush sanitary system at the HD Boutique Show in Miami.

Given its custom color, finish and size specifications, Ebb Concept has successfully been showcased in colorful, high visibility national projects that include the Gibraltar Bank in New York City and The Aurora Hotel in Catalina Island among others. The new Betsy Hotel, a boutique hotel named after Betsy Ross and slated to open in November in Miami, will feature Neo-Metro’s custom vanity system, and the custom “Metaal” toilet and basin has been ordered for hospitality venues that include sportswear haven Stars and Stripes in Los Angeles. Neo-metro has worked on numerous other projects that can be viewed at their website, www.neo-metro.com.

The Ebb Concept is available in seven future-forward colors, and can be ordered in three different sizes, and the basin can be custom sized up to 12 feet long. The wall-mounted resin deck features several different basin choices, multiple finishes, a secure mounting option, seven décor colors, and Neo-Metro will custom manufacture the Ebb Concept to fit a client’s specific needs and venue.

Clients can choose from single to double, wall-mounted to console, satin to mira, deep to shallow as well as from several colors, including green, “wineberry” purple, “skye” blue, “cranjuice” red, “stealth” steel grey, natural lava stone, as well as the newly introduced colors “tangerine” orange and “apple” green. In case those colors don’t match the color a client envisions, Neo-Metro can. The Ebb Concept can be custom-matched to any conceivable color through a Pantone Matching System color sample.

The new Mini Loo, a compact toilet, features both a single and double-flush water-saving add-on or Gerberit system. Neo-Metro is a market leader in designing and manufacturing sustainable, ecologically-manufactured product lines, given its reclaimed and hand-welded stainless steel processes. The new Mini Loo is a standalone toilet that uses a “European style dual flush” system. The water-saving Gerberit system works like this: the toilet add-on features a button to flush 1 gallon of water for small deposits, and a second button for heavier matter, which activates a standard 1.6 gallon flush.