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Native Trails Displays New Sink & Finishes at BDNY


SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIF.—Native Trails, a leader in artisan-crafted, sustainable kitchen and bath products with large-scale availability, exhibited for the sixth time at Boutique Design New York (BDNY) on November 12-13 at New York’s Jacob Javits Center. This year, in addition to showcasing Roma, a brand-new sink in the Murano Collection—available in two new design series, Marina and Seaspray—and Gunmetal, a new sultry, titanium-colored finish for the Precious Metals Collection, Native Trails displayed a number of pieces from its celebrated product portfolio. Show visitors were able to stop by to see Topanga, Solace, and Cuzco vanity bases paired with coordinating mirrors and NativeStone vanity tops, as well as a spread of bathroom sinks, many of which are designated as ADA Compliant, from the Copper and Nickel and NativeStone collections.

“Our 2023 launches place an emphasis on luxurious visual appearances and unique tactile experiences,” said Naomi Neilson, Founder and CEO of Native Trails. “Various forms of light interact differently against Roma’s ribbed exterior versus the smooth, glossy exterior of the Precious Metals sinks. Each surface of these functional pieces of art possesses its own characteristics that engage our senses [of sight and touch] and contribute to holistically cohesive kitchen and bath designs.”

Native Trails continues its partnership with artisans to discover fresh innovations while upholding time-honored traditions, enriching residential and hospitality spaces across North America. As a leading brand in artisan-crafted kitchen and bathroom products, Native Trails takes great pride in introducing new materials, styles, and artisan heritage to the community.

Roma in Seaspray

Roma is the latest addition to the Murano Collection—a line of certified Murano Glass bathroom vessel sinks meticulously handcrafted by highly skilled Italian artisans. With its distinguished, intricately ribbed exterior, Roma provides a spacious bowl for effective cleansing with minimal splashing. Roma’s outside surface is complemented by the alluring designs created in the glass itself.

Roma is available in two captivating new design series: Marina and Seaspray. Marina features graceful ribbons of blue and white that embrace each curve of the sink while Seaspray showcases translucent white swirls on a clear basin to create a mesmerizing play of light. The colors and patterns created in the molding and spinning process present uniquely in each expertly hand formed piece, making each sink a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable work of functional art.

Bliss in Gunmetal

Native Trails’ Gunmetal finish represents the newest addition to the Precious Metals Collection—sinks handcrafted from the highest quality Italian fireclay. This sultry, titanium-colored finish is accomplished by master Italian artisans using a proprietary blend of genuine gold, silver, and platinum. The extraordinary glaze, a first-of-its-kind for sink designs, picks up ambient light to radiate a captivating dark sheen that effortlessly draws attention, and seductively reflects light in a way that is both luxurious yet unpretentious. Take matte black and elevate it with added radiance, luster, and shine; that’s Gunmetal.

To learn more about Native Trails, visit nativetrailshome.com.