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Havwoods Announces Bog Oak Flooring, Derived from Centuries-Old Logs


NEW YORKHavwoods, a leading global specialist in wood flooring, announces its showroom-exclusive Bog Oak product from the Hand Grade Collection, derived from semi-fossilized trees that have been sourced from European lakes, rivers, and peat bogs, where they remain untouched for 100 to 1,000 years, creating a premium, high-end timber with uniquely colored boards. The deep, fully saturated black color results from a complex chemical reaction with the tannins.

To create luxury flooring from ancient logs, Havwoods’ millworking specialist employs its custom drying process on the wet logs to produce less color variation from board to board. To preserve the color and integrity of the wood, the logs are cut wet and slowly dried over six days in a proprietary chamber. If the oak gets too dry too quickly, it disintegrates and cracks. The drying process is nothing short of artistry.

“We’re so proud to offer the Bog Oak product in our Manhattan showroom,” said Havwoods Global Product Director Anthony Scott. “We’re excited to offer not just a visually appealing and high-quality flooring option for elegant spaces but also a captivating origin story. Notably, customers can ascertain the approximate age of their wood, with a margin of 20 years, adding an enriching historical dimension to their flooring.”

Bog Oak flooring has a rich global history, as it was once reserved only for Russian royalty in the 1700s. Though they used to be known in Latin as “mort,” which means death, Havwoods is looking forward to pulling them from the depths of bodies of water to give them new life.

This product is a showroom exclusive. To set up a consultation or a showroom tour, visit https://www.havwoods.com/us/showrooms/havwoods-new-york-usa-showroom/.