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MyGo2Mask Provides Almost Total Bacterial Filtration Efficiency


DELRAY BEACH, FLA.—A new study conducted by the Korean testing and research company Kotiti, www.kotiti-global.com, validates that the Graphene Oxide technology applied to the MyGo2Mask, www.mygo2mask.us, provides a 99.9 percent Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE). The Kotiti testing is compliant with the Korean Accreditation System’s (KAS) requirements for such testing.

In specific, the Korea Accreditation System (KAS) is a national accreditation body established in 2001 within the framework of the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) which is a governmental body under the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE). The Administrator of KATS serves as the Head of KAS.

Most important, the scope of a Korean technical file is like a European technical file/design dossier or a US FDA 510(k) or PMA submission.

“These tests, results and requirements are in many ways identical to those sought by the authorities here in the U.S. and are the most encouraging to date that continue to support the claim that the graphene oxide technology applied to the MyGo2Mask could very well be the best protection from the virus,” said Shep Doniger of G-Masks, LLC.

Full 4-ply Super High-Quality Graphene-Oxide Coated Face Mask

Studies from around the world prove that Graphene Oxide technology, particularly when used in a multi-layered lattice structure as is featured in the MyGo2Mask, provide the highest levels of filtration, breathability, absorption and antiviral and bacteriostatic qualities. Experts agree that the more layers and barriers the stronger the shield and MyGo2Mask is a full 4-ply super high-quality graphene-oxide coated face mask that traps 99.9 percent of particles at a size of .3 nanometers or smaller, including COVID-19 virus droplets and flu particles.

MyGo2Mask features superior filtration capabilities which is what experts recommend for maximum protection. Coronavirus particles are measured between .07 and .09 microns or 25-65 nanometers. While N95 masks filter 95-99 percent of particles, it only filters particles larger than 0.1 microns or 300 nanometers. MyGo2Mask is recognized as an N99 mask whose graphene oxide layers filter 99.9 percent of particles measuring .3 nanometers or smaller 3 millionths of a micron) making it virtually impenetrable. (i.e. average human hair measures 75 microns which is 1000x’s larger than a single nanometer). Simply put, the MyGo2Mask provides ideal Coronavirus filtration and the ability to destroy the virus and flu within minutes of contact whereas the N95 mask does not.

Every MyGO2Mask is shipped hermetically sealed and features a unique and patented Graphene Oxide bonding system. Using the highest quality graphene from an internationally recognized producer of pure graphene oxide out of South Korea, the material is then further modified by a second patented process that enables it to destroy bacteria and viruses that contact it. Studies show that less than .01 percent of a virus remains alive after contact with the Graphene Oxide enabled mask. The mask has earned a CE certification for meeting EU Standards, achieved a US Standard for a BFE of 99 percent, has an FDA Registration and has earned NSF Certification (National Sanitation Foundation, USA) and is accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).