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Master-Bilt Unveils New Anti-Sweat Module for Glass Door Walk-Ins


NEW ALBANY, MS.—Master-Bilt, a manufacturer of a full line of commercial refrigeration systems for more than 65 years, has unveiled its new Anti-Sweat Module (ASM-115) for glass door walk-ins. The new ASM-115 alleviates condensation buildup on glass doors and frames, for continuous product visibility, while also significantly reducing energy costs.

“Master-Bilt is creating simple solutions for our clients’ energy savings,” says Bill Huffman, vice president sales and marketing. “Not only is this unit cost effective, but it’s also unobtrusive and space saving as it only takes up a small part of the door, not hindering the view of any potential product sale.”

The new energy-saving ASM-115 runs heaters when the door surface temperature is lower than the dew point. An exterior mounted door frame sensor modulates the door and frame heaters as needed. The sensor is designed to automatically shut off glass and frame door heaters when door heat is unnecessary. With only three wires and one sensor to install, the control is usually up and running in about 30 minutes or less. After installation, no adjustments are necessary and the unit usually pays for itself in about six months. The ASM-115 meets California energy standards.

The sensor is mounted to the coldest part of the door frame, usually putting it directly in front of the electrical connections on the opposite side of the frame. The body of the ASM-115 is mounted to the walk-in roof, or a location that is clear of product stacking and other items that might cause damage to the unit. Annual energy savings range from 26 to 75 percent, depending on location.

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