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Pineapple Hospitality’s Nature’s Mist System Now in 10th Year


SAINT CHARLES, MO.—With thousands of hotels trying to make the conversion to and maintain a completely smoke-free environment, Pineapple Hospitality’s Nature’s Mist Deodorization System is experiencing a record number of users in its 10th year serving hotels, resorts, bed-and-breakfasts and lodges worldwide.

“We used to use an ozone machine, but it took too long and only masked room odors,” says Rande Repke, executive assistant for Sybaris Clubs International, which operates about 130 cottages across five locations in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Within 30 minutes to two hours the smells would return.”

“We need to turn around our cottages in 45 minutes or less, but with the ozone machine we had to clear each cottage for up to an hour, which cost us reservations,” Repke adds. “With Nature’s Mist, we can completely eliminate tobacco and all other odors—even vomit and urine—and it takes just three to 15 minutes, depending on the types of odors present. Just as important, our housekeepers can be in the cottages the entire time. At first we were skeptical because we had been burned by ozone machines and other air-cleansing systems that didn’t come close to living up to their claims, but Pineapple Hospitality’s Nature’s Mist is the real deal.”

System Has Two Components

Nature’s Mist, a proprietary product marketed by Pineapple Hospitality, is all-natural, non-toxic, and completely safe for use around people, plants, pets and food. The engineering product combines two unique treatment solutions to deliver an optimal odor-free, fresh air environment.

The first component of the Nature’s Mist system involves a proprietary liquid solution consisting of more than two dozen plant extracts that neutralize—not cover up—tobacco and other odors. Each molecule of Nature’s Mist liquid bonds with odor molecules to neutralize the most pungent odors (smoke, body odor, food odor, vomit, urine, mildew, etc.)

The system’s second component involves an atomizing sprayer that puts out thousands of microscopic pressurized droplets, allowing the Nature’s Mist compound to reach hidden areas such as mattresses, pillows, bedspreads, heating and cooling ducts and acoustic ceilings. Just one gallon of Nature’s Mist can deodorize up to 200 guestrooms.

Ray Burger, Pineapple Hospitality’s founder and president, says the fact that the solution delivers unmatched results without potentially harmful chemicals is a huge sell to staff and guests alike.

“Nature’s Mist is a safe, natural deodorization process with no ozone, enzymes, toxins or masking agents,” Burger adds. “It’s not a fragrance. It’s a true deodorizer because it neutralizes, not masks, tobacco and all other odors on the spot. Nature’s Mist creates rooms without any odor. With guestroom odors routinely ranking among the top three in guest complaints, Nature’s Mist is the perfect tool to build loyalty and occupancy.”

“We have 80 smoking rooms, and Nature’s Mist helps us clear the air in them in one-quarter of the time it used to take us with an ozone machine,” says Don Walts, general manager of the 245-room MCMGrande Hotel in Odessa, Texas. “We were using Pineapple Hospitality’s bathroom amenities for a while before we decided to give their Nature’s Mist a test drive.”

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