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Master-Bilt Receives 2007 Kitchen Innovations Award


CHICAGO—Master-Bilt, manufacturer of a full line of commercial refrigeration systems for over 65 years, announced that it has received the Kitchen Innovations (KI) 2007 Award from the National Restaurant Assn. Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show for its Master Controller with patented Reverse Cycle Defrost for walk-in refrigeration systems.

The Master Controller is an electronic control system that regulates an electric expansion valve for precise refrigerant pressure and superheat through the evaporator coil. It also features demand defrost which automatically detects when a defrost is necessary. When combined with Reverse Cycle Defrost, energy savings can reach 27 percent. The award winning combination will be displayed during the National Restaurant Assn. Show, May 19-22, 2007, at Chicago’s McCormick Place. The recipients of the KI award are judged by an independent panel of judges and are found to be among the most innovative foodservice technology and equipment available.

Master-Bilt’s patented technology involves a reverse cycle valve, added to the refrigeration system’s condensing unit, that reverses the direction of refrigerant flow during defrosts. The reverse cycle process is controlled by the Master Controller. When the Master Controller’s demand defrost determines defrost is necessary, the reverse cycle valve is automatically activated and the high temperature refrigerant flow is reversed through the refrigeration system’s evaporator coil, heating it along its entire length and completely eliminating frost buildup. In contrast, traditional electric defrost heaters only heat a certain amount of the coil, leaving ice deposits that weaken the evaporator’s performance.

“We worked diligently on our patented technology to help our customers save money and energy, and we’re happy to be recognized by such a prestigious organization,” says Bill Huffman, vice president of sales and marketing for Master-Bilt. “This award shows that others in the industry appreciate and support the product and we could not be more proud.”

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