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Maytag Commercial Unveils Soft-Mount, High-Speed Extractor Line


BENTON HARBOR, MICH.—Maytag Commercial unveils it 304-grade stainless steel top, front and sides, Soft-Mount, High-Speed Extractors. This line of high-speed washer/extractors provides the right size and useful features for on-premises launderers. The expanded breadth of Maytag soft-mount product is available in a variety of sizes to best meet on-premises laundry needs including 25-, 35-, 50-, 80-, 100- and 125-lb. capacities.

Every size offers a large cleaning capacity, plus installation flexibility. The soft-mount suspension system eliminates the need for machine bolt-down, so even wooden floor installations are possible. With an inverter drive system, on-premises launderers will notice a decrease in the wear and tear of washer components such as the motor. The high-speed extraction of up to 350 G’s (G-force) cuts drying time and energy usage. A programmable water level cycle provides water-efficiency control to launderers.

Maytag Commercial Soft-Mount High-Speed Washer/Extractors have several convenient features that enable easy operation. Twenty programmable cycles let the user customize load type. Customization options include programmable tumble time, water levels, temperature and more. The extractor also allows operators to program in up to four languages, including Spanish and French, and switch between operation languages.

The convenient built-in dispenser compartment contains five different measuring containers for manually dispensing individual laundry chemicals. Operators can also save time by programming additives to be injected automatically with an optional five-line liquid chemical supply system. The heavy-duty latch, strut suspension, and cabinet and frame add to the lasting durability expected from Maytag brand.

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