Home Energy Management LED Replacement for 1000W HID Available from Current by GE

LED Replacement for 1000W HID Available from Current by GE


BOSTON—Current, powered by GE unveiled a new LED replacement lamp designed to replace 1000W high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. In addition to using 60 percent less energy, the product fits existing HID lamp fixtures and is wired to bypass the ballast, eliminating the need for future ballast replacements. With a majority of U.S. industrial facilities still relying on HID lighting, a product like the 1000W LED replacement has the potential to slash lighting electricity consumption, save millions of dollars and remove hazardous materials nationwide.

“This 1000W HID replacement lamp fills an important void in the market for our industrial, warehouse and outdoor lighting customers,” said Alan Boose, Senior Product Manager for LED Lamps at Current by GE. “Customers are excited about the simplicity of installation, consistent light distribution, and most importantly, long-term dramatic savings.”

Lighting Controls

Current by GE also recently announced two new lighting controls products that are now commercially available. Daintree One is a standalone lighting control solution for applications requiring minimal light like closets, storage rooms and restrooms. Daintree EZ Connect is a room-based wireless solution for use in commercial buildings, hospitals and schools that allows a group of adjacent fixtures to communicate without the need for a separate gateway. Both products feature embedded wireless occupancy and daylight sensors and can be set up, commissioned and controlled by a mobile app.

Daintree One and EZ Connect are uniquely designed to easily upgrade to Daintree Enterprise solutions so customers can build their own smart building solutions from an open API or choose an app from Current’s broad ecosystem of technology partners. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, advanced lighting controls added to LEDs can add up to $20 billion in savings.

Sign Solution

Businesses can also now upgrade existing cabinet sign fluorescent sockets with Current’s new Tetra Stick. With 50 percent less drivers and more lumens, the LED sign collection of 112 SKUs provides brighter signs while saving on energy. The product line boasts reduced installation time with threaded slots and easier handling due to increased stiffness.

Current by GE continues to focus on products that are easy to install, customizable and adaptable in the future.

“We are proud to continue to challenge ourselves to think ahead for our customers and allow them to maximize the potential of their lighting solution,” said Melissa Wesorick, General Manager of LED Products & Technology for Current by GE. “Efficiency today is far more than energy savings; it’s an exciting paradigm shift.”