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The Aquawing Ozone Laundry System is the most reliable and technologically advanced ozone system in the market. With more than 6,000 installations worldwide using Aquawing patented technology, Aquawing delivers the quickest ROI by using primarily cold water, eliminating excess flushes and rinses, reducing drying time and extending linen life. Furthermore, the Aquawing system is the only ozone system with clinical validation to kill over 99.999% of Viruses and Superbugs including MRSA, C. diff, E.coli, Aspergillus niger and many more. The system activates wash chemistry better than hot water, extends the life of equipment, and reduces water, gas and chemical costs. Aquawing can be completely installed without special plumbing or electrical hookups and will not disrupt the laundry room. Call (888) 296-4777 today!



NuTek’s Ozone Laundry Support Systems™ is a sustainable, On Premises Laundry installation that reduces water usage, conserves energy and provides superior disinfection—backed by 2018 microbial testing results verifying 99.99 percent disinfection against all common bacteria and viruses, including the CDC’s Top 9 Superbugs! As the only ozone laundry system to earn UL Recognition specifically for use with commercial washers, we can connect to any programable, commercial washer. NuTek’s ozone technology generates an average energy savings of $.02-$.06 per pound of linen processed making an investment in our technology, an outstanding return on investment—a WIN for our Customer, a WIN for your Customer, and a big WIN for the planet—Saving energy one wash load at a time! Call (904) 504-1063 today for a FREE Energy Savings Analysis.



The EcoTex name reflects the advanced laundry oxidation systems designed, engineered, manufactured, and distributed by ClearWater Tech, LLC. EcoTex systems enable commercial laundry professionals to replace expensive multi-step wash programs that use excessive chemicals and hot water with cold-water programs that use the power of ozone for disinfection and detergent activation. EcoTex reduces environmental impact, improves laundry quality, saves money, energy and detergent, while providing superior disinfection. Call ClearWater Tech at (805) 549-9724.