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Landscape Forms Introduces New Architectural Lighting System


KALAMAZOO, MICH.—Landscape Forms, North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-design site furniture, structure, LED lighting, and accessories, joins long-time partner Urbidermis Santa & Cole to introduce Gunnar, an adaptable architectural lighting system that enhances outdoor environments with precise, context-specific illumination and cohesive, minimalist aesthetics.

“The power of Gunnar is the framework it creates to make it your own,” describes Landscape Forms Senior Designer, Brian Revoir. “The system builds out from one simple and elegant luminaire a range of mounting styles and applications to specifically suit your environment and your aesthetic.”

Designed by master multidisciplinary artist Antoni Roselló, Gunnar is inspired by the work of Swedish architect and key representative of Nordic Classicism, Gunnar Asplund. Celebrating Asplund’s compelling reinterpretation of classical architectural orders, Gunnar’s aesthetic touches on both the traditional and the contemporary to complement a variety of architectural styles. The lighting system centers around Gunnar’s floodlight projector, a robust LED luminaire whose fluted housing recalls the columns of Classical and Neoclassical architectural movements. As this aesthetic is applied across Gunnar’s variety of mounting styles and as its performance is tailored through Gunnar’s variety of accessories, distributions, outputs and color temperatures, the system becomes a simple, beautiful, and cohesive way to achieve myriad lighting needs.

Exploring Hierarchy in Lighting Design

“In Gunnar, we’re exploring hierarchy in lighting design to efficiently accentuate the different planes of the built environment—a flexible, precise system to define the function and experience of outdoor spaces’ vertical and horizontal layers without requiring excessive, generalized lighting,” says Jordi Muñoz, Marketing Director at Urbidermis Santa & Cole.

Wall-mounted, catenary, or pole-mounted in a variety of heights with up to six projectors per single pole, Gunnar provides layered, multi-functional lighting in any environment. Further customizability through adjustable mounting arms, different symmetric and asymmetric distributions, different outputs, 3000K and 4000K color temperatures, and diffuser screen accessories precisely ensures the right quantity and quality of light for the right context—throughout green spaces, highlighting art and architectural details, along plazas, walkways, and promenades, and on building entryways and façades.

“What I find so beautiful about Gunnar is the ability to utilize one product throughout a whole project,” describes Landscape Forms Lighting President, Jordan Agustin. “With these minimalist-style floodlights in different orientations and specifications, you can illuminate a large area with fewer poles doing multiple things at once—simultaneously highlighting a feature in one direction and providing the right light to ensure pedestrian safety in the other. It’s a game changer in addressing designers’ needs for a seamless and cohesive lighting program that’s also highly versatile.”