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KnollTextiles Adds Renew Collection to Upholstery Line


NEW YORK—KnollTextiles introduces the Renew Collection of three environmental upholstery fabrics made of recycled and recyclable polyester, with no added backings or finishes. KnollTextiles has engineered this trio for high durability (between 80K and 100K Wyznbeek double rubs) while keeping it earth-friendly, without adding materials to the face or back of the fabric which can prevent it from being recycled into its component parts.

Knoll, as a corporation, takes environmental issues seriously, from a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas, to making sustainability an integral part of its business, and KnollTextiles has long been a leader in environmental textiles. It was among the first companies to offer panel fabrics from 100 percent solution dyed polyester fibers, a process that eliminates water waste and uses pigments devoid of heavy metals.

Furthermore, more than 95 percent of the line is Greenguard certified for low chemical emissions. Using a Green Bar code on fabric tags, KnollTextiles also indicates those items in its collection that may have higher LEED contribution factors. All Green Bar coded fabrics have at least 49 percent or more recycled content or 75 percent or more natural fibers. On the www.knolltextiles.com website, a detailed matrix indicates how each textile may contribute to LEED certification.

The three patterns of Renew are called Spark, Prep and Betwixt and net between $24 and $28 per yard. Spark is a small scale, tone on tone woven dot pattern that comes in 12 colors from a bright red called Fire, to a brown called Walnut and a spring green called Lime. Prep is a stripe with a combination of matte and lustrous yarns. The eight colors range from saturated reds to strong and muted blues and a host of neutral colorways. Betwixt is the most graphic of the group with a medium scale, classic modern design combining blocks of circles and rectangles. It too encompasses eight colorways.