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Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa Keeps Close Watch on Migrating Turtles


JUPITER, FLA.—Each year, from March 1 through October 30, guests of the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa are exclusive witnesses to one of Nature’s miracles: the annual migration of endangered sea turtles to the beaches of Palm Beach County, Fla.

“Florida’s east coast beaches provide nesting habitat for the world’s largest remaining population of threatened loggerhead turtles, as well as globally important populations of endangered green and leatherback turtles,” says David Godfrey, executive director of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation & The Sea Turtle Survival League. “For these species to survive, Florida must protect its sea turtle nesting beaches.”

“As ‘beachfront citizens’ in beautiful Palm Beach County, Fla., we all have to be very aware of our responsibility to our environment,” says Jeff Castner, general manager of the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa, which is located directly adjacent to the Carlin beachfront park in Jupiter, Fla.

To help educate guests at the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa on protecting the nesting females and the hatchlings, each guestroom has two informational pieces. The drapes are decorated to get the guests’ attention with a sea turtle informational card tied to the drapery pulls, urging guests to draw their blackout drapes each evening to prevent the nesting females from becoming disoriented by the light as they make their annual visit to the beaches.

Turtles are Focus of Table Tents

A table tent, printed and distributed by the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management, informs the readers of the dangers and pitfalls nesting females and the late summer hatchlings face on the beaches. Additional measures include limiting exterior lighting and covering existing lighting with a film that omits red light which researchers have determined has no effect on the turtle’s navigation.

In addition to all the preventive measures to ensure the safety of the endangered creatures, the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa has pledged to donate $5.00 to the Marine Life Center of Juno Beach for each reservation made in conjunction with their current Travelzoo Promotion. The center, located just a few miles from the resort, is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, protection and preservation of marine resources, especially Loggerhead, Leatherback and Green Sea Turtles.

The resort’s management hopes to raise awareness through their promotion by tying it to their international Travelzoo newsletter campaign, which, potentially seen by over a million travelers, will produce much needed funding for preservation and conservation.

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