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Green Lodging News Welcomes INNCOM as a Founding Sponsor


CLEVELAND, OHIO—Hasek Communications, the Cleveland-based publisher of Green Lodging News, welcomes INNCOM International Inc., Niantic, Conn., as a Founding Sponsor. INNCOM develops and markets advanced, software-based guestroom control systems that are designed to reduce energy consumption. Its systems have been installed in more than 350,000 hotel rooms.

INNCOM develops and markets a broad range of intelligent devices. These are combined in various ways to provide integrated systems for direct digital control (DDC) energy management, on-line electronic lock control, guest (end-user) interfaces and operating enhancements for housekeeping, security, minibar restocking and other hotel staff groups. INNCOM systems provide highly effective remote control of virtually every electric appliance found in hotel rooms, including lights, HVAC, TV, telephones, and drapes.

In addition to helping its clients be environmentally friendly by reducing energy consumption in unoccupied or unrented guestrooms, the greatest advantages of INNCOM INNergy solutions are flexibility, expandability, and system integration capability. The e4 Smart Digital Thermostat can be used as a DDC thermostat, as the heart of a standalone in-room energy management system, or as the key guestroom element of a powerful energy management system.

Linking all guestroom thermostats with INNCOM’s INNcontrolTM II Central Monitoring and Control Software System provides more powerful energy management and many additional capabilities including:

• Remote room occupancy indication.
• Remote HVAC control.
• Guestroom HVAC diagnostics.
• Peak demand load shedding.
• PMS/BMS interface.
• Automatic lighting control.

The INNCOM e4 can replace virtually any existing thermostat currently in use. It has the unique ability to directly control almost any HVAC fan coil unit (FCU), packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC), or other unit types ranging from 24V to 277V, without additional relays or transformers.

To learn more, go to www.inncom.com, call (860) 739-4468, or e-mail sales@inncom.com.