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InterfaceFLOR Introduces Four New Product Collections at HD Expo


LAGRANGE, GA.—InterfaceFLOR unveiled four new product collections at HD Expo in Las Vegas. Breaking traditional boundaries, the styles take modular flooring to the next level, providing enhanced color and texture. Styles range from soothing, nature-inspired patterns to diverse stripes with a hip velour finish, to modern Asian-inspired designs.

“The beauty of modular carpet is its flexibility,” says Cindi Marshall Oakey, vice president of hospitality strategies for InterfaceFLOR Commercial. “Our products demonstrate to designers that they are not confined by pattern, color or size with InterfaceFLOR Commercial. The design opportunities are virtually limitless.”

InterfaceFLOR is committed to providing environmentally responsible products that reduce waste, contain high recycled content, perform above the industry’s indoor air quality standards and that are manufactured in more sustainable ways. InterfaceFLOR calls this commitment to sustainability Mission Zero.

Hip patterns are just one way designers can stretch their creative muscles. Size also matters. InterfaceFLOR’s new products feature 50 cm and 1 m tiles for design freedom. Taking a cue from the layering of different patterns and textures in the fashion industry, InterfaceFLOR encourages designers to get playful with modular by mixing and matching patterns, colors and sizes in area rug and wall to wall installations.

Emphasis on Area Rugs

The introduction of area rugs is a major focus for InterfaceFLOR Commercial. The rugs use TacTiles glue-free installation technology. TacTiles adhere modular carpet tiles to each other rather than the floor substrate, allowing area rugs to be constructed, moved and reconfigured quickly and easily for different seasons or collections while maintaining dimensional stability.

“The hot trend is hard surfaces like hardwood floors or polished concrete in corridors and especially in guestrooms,” Oakey says. “TacTiles allow you to float an area rug of modules connected at each juncture over the floor. No need for adhesive to damage the surface. The weight of the modules connected together hugs the floor along with the dimensional stability built into each tile. The lifecycle of the rug is extended as stained or damaged tiles can be easily replaced.”

The new collections include:

Bioscapes Collection—Studies show that humans respond most positively to natural environments with lush, green vegetation, open spaces, water, flowers and warm inviting sheltered areas. The six patterns, available in 1 m or 50 cm sizes depending on style, are designed to bring the peace, tranquility and overall benefits of the natural world into interiors.

Handloom Collection—Available in four distinct textures with a modern, woven style, the Handloom Collection features balanced geometric shapes; small, precise checks; and stripes. It is available in 18 neutral colorways.

Flatiron Collection—Inspired by the Flatiron district’s urban essence, loft living and the high performance style of flat flooring, the Flatiron Collection brings an urban attitude to hospitality space. Diverse stripes easily transition from funky to edgy to sophisticated. It is available in classic neutrals, inky pastels and brights.

Yin-Yang Collection—A lacquer-smooth meld of traditional Asian and Indian iconography and modern, minimalist Zen interiors, the Yin-Yang Collection is available in 24 traditional colorways ranging from rich jewel tones to burrowing neutrals.

To learn about additional new product collections, go to InterfaceFLOR.