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Ice Air Introduces iCool XC Wall-Mounted Heat Pump


MOUNT VERNON, N.Y.—Ice Air, a leading innovator of HVAC solutions, has introduced the iCool XC Wall-Mounted Heat Pump, a sleek, compact (7.75” depth) versatile All Climate Comfort product that’s easier to install because of two very small wall openings needed. “It’s remarkable,” says Ric Nadel, Ice Air Founder and CEO, “because the iCool XC heat pump technology enables up to 25 percent greater efficiency and zero emissions. The design is compatible with any décor found in hotels today and installs quickly and easily.”

Nadel points out that the iCool XC’s 4-function Heat, Cool, Dehumidify, and Fan modes partner perfectly with its wireless “Smart Life” APP control and 24-hour timer. “And because they are all electric, heat pump technology, we’ve eliminated the need for water and plumbing for heating, saving on costs and future maintenance.”

Weighing in at just 84 lbs., the iCool XC is an aesthetic pleasing wall-mounted unit that is designed specifically for cold climate energy efficiency, providing the best of both worlds—the performance of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with the convenience of a packaged unit. It has been heat-performance, laboratory tested and certified to 5°F, and provides cooling operation down to 38°F.

“You get up to 40 CFM of outside air without additional wall openings or accessories required,” says Tom Glass, Ice Air’s Director—Sales And Marketing. “The iCool XC’s low-noise operation, sustainable R32 refrigerant and using those two 8-inch round wall openings to absorb and reject heat from the environment make it the outstanding choice for a specification. You can also conceal its plug and power chord within the unit cabinet itself.”

“Ice Air is committed to sustainability, and we are equally committed to our customers’ profitability. We share our experience and knowledge to navigate regulations, unlock rebates, incentives, tax credits and business opportunities,” Nadel adds. “That’s how iCool XC was born—with the hotel customer’s needs in total focus.”

For more information on the Ice Air All Climate Comfort iCool XC, visit: https://www.ice-air.com/product/icool-xc/.