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HX, BDNY Ownership Change Announced Just Prior to Two Shows

Glenn Hasek

Just about a month prior to this month’s HX: The Hotel Experience and Boutique Design New York (BDNY) trade shows in New York City, Emerald Expositions Events, Inc. announced that it had acquired the HX and BDNY shows along with BDWest, Boutique Design Magazine and other assets of ST Media Group International and Hospitality Media Group. In case you are not familiar with Emerald, it is the owner of HD Expo, the large hospitality design event held each May in Las Vegas. The Boutique Design purchases make a lot of sense and are a natural fit for Emerald. The Emerald acquisition of HX marks the second time that show has been sold in the past few years. It will be interesting to see what Emerald has planned for HX, once the largest hotel/restaurant show in the country. It is now down to just a few hundred exhibitors. Stay tuned.

I covered this week’s HX and BDNY shows on Green Lodging News. Be sure to read the article. It highlights some of the new and innovative green products and services introduced at this year’s shows.

It would be impossible to highlight all of the green products and services but here are some I learned about for the very first time:

SunTap featured its flexible solar powered USB charging station that can be placed poolside, on the beach or elsewhere where AC power is unavailable. The station includes an eight-hour battery backup, two USB ports and is eligible for a 30 percent tax credit.

Chowbotics introduced its Sally vending machine for fresh salads. The machine can fit into a 3X3 foot space.

TOSSWARE featured its stemless wine glass and other products that are recyclable and include up to 50 percent recycled materials.

Life Design Sonore demonstrated its NEW’EE Soundbar. Fixed behind the headboard, it transforms it into a sound broadcaster thanks to the exciters integrated in the Soundbar wirelessly connected to the TV. The Soundbar helps reduce guestroom noise disturbance by bringing the sound next to the ears of the user.

Martone Cycling Co. displayed its colorful line of city bicycles for bike lending programs.

Fox Blocks displayed its highly energy efficient insulating concrete form systems that can be easily assembled. Nudura also featured insulated concrete forms.

VPR Impex Inc. featured its commercial vapor cleaning systems. The chemical-free systems use high temperatures and pressure to clean and disinfect.

The Whalen Co. featured its fan coil and heat pump units. According to the company, it is committed to reducing the greenhouse gas impact of its products through energy efficiency advancements and the refrigerants it uses.

Moss Walls, LLC displayed its Verdure Wellness Walls. Verdure is comprised of 100 percent live moss that is kept lush and vibrant by specialized misters and grow lights easily controlled by a pre-programmed app/timer.

Ashokan Water Services offered its full line of water management consulting services. Its Project Team includes a plumber, engineering staff, accounting staff and legal counsel.

Wild Republic exhibited its realistic stuffed animals and toys. The company’s mission is to create toys that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature.

More on ‘Make a Green Choice’

In last week’s column I addressed Marriott’s Make a Green Choice and Your Choice programs that allow guests to opt out of housekeeping. Housekeepers have been negatively impacted by the programs. One reader wrote in response to the column:

“My two cents worth…This was an eye-opening article. My husband and I are interim innkeepers. We understand waiving housekeeping makes it easier for the day but absolutely, it’s more work to clean the room when the guest leaves. And yes, additional coffee, towels, etc. are always asked for.

One of the Inns we worked for insisted we clean daily to make sure nothing weird was going on in the rooms. We felt this was an invasion of privacy since we ourselves don’t like a daily clean and reuse our towels.

Finding good and loyal housekeepers is also a challenge. If you’re cutting back their hours, they’ll find another place to work.

A light wiping of counters, sinks, tubs and toilet as well as garbage removal is a good thing for all.

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