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Product Highlights from Big Apple’s HX, BDNY

SunTap featured its solar powered USB charging station.

NEW YORK—A solar powered USB charging station. An electric bicycle lending program. A one hundred percent recyclable wine glass. A system that integrates an alarm clock, HVAC and lighting controls, Wi-Fi and more into a single unified platform. A salad-making robot (vending machine) named “Sally” that delivers eight-component meals in seconds. These are just some of the products that were introduced at HX: The Hotel Experience and Boutique Design New York (BDNY). Both events were held November 11 to 12 at the Javits Center in New York City. It would be impossible to list all the eco-friendly products and services that were featured at HX and BDNY but here are some highlights:

CIRQ+, a disruptive IoT technology, took top honors as Best New Hotel Product and Best of Show during the 2018 Editor’s Choice Awards at HX. CIRQ+ is a patented, cloud-based platform that consolidates numerous in-room products into a unified solution—from EMS, power outlets, charging, alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, to thermostat controls and more. Guests can control their in-room settings from an app on their mobile phone or from the CIRQ+ in-room hub. Additionally, guests can migrate their personal preferences from CIRQ+ enabled properties to maximize their experience.

SunTap featured its flexible solar powered USB charging station that can be placed poolside, on the beach or elsewhere where AC power is unavailable. The station includes an eight-hour battery backup, two USB ports and is eligible for a 30 percent tax credit.

Nightingale smart sleep system

Nightingale displayed its smart sleep system that helps hotel guests fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Nightingale uses patented sound masking technology to mask common outdoor and indoor noises. Nightingale is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and can be controlled via an API from the front desk or in-room system.

Chowbotics introduced its Sally vending machine for fresh salads. The machine can fit into a 3X3 foot space.

William Roam, creators of American-made personal care products for the hospitality market, announced the launch of the STEAM collection, a modern tip-of-the-cap to vintage design, carefully crafted to blend with today’s rustic luxury hotel design trends. The STEAM collection includes more than 18 skus of bath, body and hair products complete with sundry items for hotelier bathroom set-ups. Artfully crafted formula features Meadowfoam seed oil, prized for its antioxidant content and skin-softening capabilities, sourced from the rich farmlands of Oregon’s Willamette Valley and an activated charcoal soap.

Sally vending machine from Chowbotics

Interface Hospitality launched Luxcierge, a custom design process available to the full-service hospitality market. The new premiere service takes a collaborative approach to bring its clients’ luxury flooring vision to life. Luxcierge offers a creative partnership directly between Interface Hospitality designers and the client’s internal team.

Telkonet, Inc., creator of the EcoSmart platform of intelligent automation solutions, featured its next generation thermostat, the EcoTouch Flex WiFi. The EcoTouch Flex WiFI allows one to control and automate thermostats with the Symphony Sonata mobile app. Currently being deployed for a large commercial customer in Hawaii, the EcoTouch Flex WiFi features all of the features of the EcoTouch+, with its modern glass design and built-in occupancy and humidity sensors.

Verdant unveiled a new guestroom energy-management thermostat. Smart, simple and intuitive, the new ZX energy-management thermostat leverages the energy-saving features of Verdant’s popular VX solution in a sleek and trendy design. Verdant’s energy-management system combines passive infrared (PIR) occupancy-based thermostats and intelligent cloud software to set back temperature while guests are away. Patented features like Night Occupancy Mode and Dynamic Intelligent Recovery ensure maximum energy savings without compromising guest comfort.

TOSSWARE featured its stemless wine glass and other products that are recyclable and include up to 50 percent recycled materials.

National Car Charging was at the show with the EVBox electric vehicle charging station—specially designed for commercial applications. The company also provides other brands of charging stations.

Delta Five demonstrated its Telemetered Perpetual Monitoring System that uses a lure to attract and identify pests that enter a device. The camera located in the device is triggered by the insect that enters. An image of the pest is then sent to the hotel operator for further action.

GenZe app

GenZe featured its electric bicycles and associated lending program that includes software for fleet managers to get a real-time snapshot of their fleet.

Dispenser Amenities introduced its SOLera Shower Dispensing System. Refillable or non-refillable bottles are available. Bottles come in oval or rectangular shapes and can be customized with labels that tell a brand’s story.

Life Design Sonore demonstrated its NEW’EE Soundbar. Fixed behind the headboard, it transforms it into a sound broadcaster thanks to the exciters integrated in the Soundbar wirelessly connected to the TV. The Soundbar helps reduce guestroom noise disturbance by bringing the sound next to the ears of the user.

Pellerin Milnor featured its latest line of laundry equipment including the 400G Rigid-Mount Washer-Extractor. The washer-extractor includes a RinSave Water saver feature that saves up to two rinses per load and fill/rinse time.

Martone Cycling Co. displayed its colorful line of city bicycles for bike lending programs.

Dispenser Amenities

Ashokan Water Services offered its full line of water management consulting services. Its Project Team includes a plumber, engineering staff, accounting staff and legal counsel.

Transformations Hospitality featured its upholstered furniture with removable and replaceable fabrics—extending the life of the furniture.

Aegis Energy Services was at HX with an example of its cogeneration systems. Cogeneration technology converts a single fuel source into heat and power at the same time.

Fox Blocks displayed its highly energy efficient insulating concrete form systems that can be easily assembled. Nudura also featured insulated concrete forms.

VPR Impex Inc. featured its commercial vapor cleaning systems. The chemical-free systems use high temperatures and pressure to clean and disinfect.

Moss Walls, LLC

Fresh-Aire UV offered its UV light systems for equipment ranging from HVAC to ice machines. Installation of a germicidal UV light inside the air system inhibits growth of mold which saves energy by allowing the system to operate more efficiently.

The Whalen Co. featured its fan coil and heat pump units. According to the company, it is committed to reducing the greenhouse gas impact of its products through energy efficiency advancements and the refrigerants it uses.

Moss Walls, LLC displayed its Verdure Wellness Walls. Verdure is comprised of 100 percent live moss that is kept lush and vibrant by specialized misters and grow lights easily controlled by a pre-programmed app/timer.

Wild Republic

Melink Corp. highlighted its latest advancements in kitchen hood controls. According to Melink, its patented Intelli­Hood HVAC controls package visually monitors the level of cooking activity and automatically instructs the exhaust fan to operate only as fast as necessary. Intelli­Hood is installed into new or existing commercial hood systems and transforms a basic stainless steel box into an intelligent energy­saving machine.

Wild Republic exhibited its realistic stuffed animals and toys. The company’s mission is to create toys that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature.

Speakman featured its latest low flow showerheads and other fixtures that offer significant water and energy savings.

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