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Hotels for Humanity Organizes New Meet-up Group


SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.—Judson Uhre, owner of Hotels for Humanity, an American hotel supply company, is the new organizer of the meet-up group, No Tolerance for Human Trafficking. The meet-up group is aimed at continuing the conversation to generate awareness to prevent and protect victims of trafficking while prosecuting trafficking criminals.

“As this industry continues to rise, we need fresh ideas on how to prevent the crimes from happening and outsmart the vicious criminals that exploit children, spread disease and enslave thousands,” Uhre stated.

No Tolerance for Human Trafficking will hand out human trafficking indicator cards and ask hotel managers to place awareness posters in their housekeeping and front office areas. While these activities are important, Hotels for Humanity understands the need for a new and innovative approach to end trafficking. Uhre stated, “Children and women need to know that we can offer safety and protection as well as that those that harm them will be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.”

Group Grows to 100+ Participants

No Tolerance for Human Trafficking begins in neighborhood hotels and where residents are weak and vulnerable. Open to the public, the group continues to grow with over 100 advocates. Its value is immense to the community from churches and law enforcement to associations and hotel management. Everyone is invited to join the group to share the message with the community that this cause deserves a voice. Visit http://www.meetup.com/Fight-Human-Trafficking-Phoenix/ to sign up.

Hotels for Humanity is the manufacturer of the hotels4humanity amenities line of shampoos, conditions, body wash, bar soaps and other hotel supplies. Its Hotel Charity Collaboration (http://www.hotels4humanity.com/charity-collaboration/) is known for helping charities create a step-by-step process to explore and put structured thought in creating alliances with businesses that create a triple bottom line using the Meeting the Collaboration Challenge Workbook.

The company’s mission is to offer top quality service and products to hoteliers while promoting charitable causes. As an online retailer of hotel supplies, it is currently headquartered in South Dakota.

Hotels for Humanity has helped charities in their communities with thousands of bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and bar soap. Visit the website at www.hotels4humanity.com for additional information.