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EcoChic Lifestyles Moves Headquarters From Canada to U.S.


LOS ANGELES—EcoChic Lifestyles, an eco-friendly wood and metal furnishings company founded in 2012 by Megan Risdon, has moved its corporate headquarters from Vancouver, B.C. to Los Angeles. The company designs and manufactures furniture and home furnishings from reclaimed wood sourced from tropical fishing boats and iron from former bridges.

“From homeowners to hotel designers and restaurateurs, our customers love the rich history, super quality and vibrant color of our reclaimed teak and metal furnishings,” said Risdon. “In just two years, we’ve demonstrated a tremendous market potential for our distinctive, stylish look and sustainability edict. Now, we’re ready to take advantage of Los Angeles’ various creative industries to fuel our next wave of growth.”

EcoChic Lifestyles buys its wood directly from fishing communities in Southeast Asia. The company then cleans and treats the wood, preserving the unique paint patterns (fishing families decorate their boats themselves). The company uses only straight and solid teak, and crafts each piece by hand. EcoChic Lifestyles’ products range from larger pieces like consoles to decorative pieces like mirrors and wall panels.

Risdon first built a successful career in real estate. EcoChic Lifestyles was born when Risdon came upon a mirror framed with reclaimed tropical wood. Fascinated by its colors and grains, and curious about its origins, she began researching the use of reclaimed wood. She quickly unearthed stories from the 2004 Indonesian tsunami: fishermen and their families salvaged destroyed fishing boats, using the wood to create decorative home art. Inspired by the villagers’ power to transform symbols of disaster and loss into symbols of life and hope, Risdon started EcoChic Lifestyles so that others could share in this spirit.

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