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Hartmann & Forbes Launches EcoWeave Collection


TUALATIN, ORE.—Hartmann & Forbes, maker of sustainable handcrafted window coverings, has launched its EcoWeave Collection of 15 environmentally responsible solar screen fabrics. Specially woven from eco-friendly polyester yarns, EcoWeave is among the first collections of its kind in the industry.

“The EcoWeave Collection is the natural evolution of solar screen materials,” says Michael Jones, founder and CEO of Hartmann & Forbes. “We are eager to provide a resource to designers and architects that adds environmental benefits to their design. This collection is particularly exciting as EcoWeaves can be used to help achieve LEED certification.”

Designed under Project-Green with sustainability in mind, EcoWeave materials are made from tightly woven, durable polyester yarns that are 100 percent free of silicon, halogen and PVC. They provide the same heat and sun protection as regular solar screen but they do not off gas during shade life and are inherently easier to recycle. They feature insulation properties that help maintain room temperature, all while preserving the view.

Available in Rollershade or PanelScreen systems, EcoWeave suits residential and commercial design projects equally. At the end of the shade’s life, EcoWeave shades can be returned to Hartmann & Forbes as part of the Take-Back Initiative program for the company to dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner.

In addition to the beneficial characteristics of the material, Hartmann & Forbes has pledged to donate 1 percent of all EcoWeave sales to The Project-Green Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to accelerating the sustainability movement. The PGF directs 100 percent of charitable donations received to grassroots organizations dedicated to the preservation of the environment.

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