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Green Seal Announces New Standard for Soaps, Cleansers, Shower Products


WASHINGTON, D.C.—People are buying more green products—8.4 percent more last year than in 2007. But shoppers are confused and frustrated by false and misleading claims and indecipherable ingredient lists on labels. With this in mind, Green Seal has developed a standard to help consumers identify what is really green and what isn’t when shopping the personal care aisle.

After 18 months in development, Green Seal announced that products can now be Green Seal certified under its environmental leadership standard for soaps, cleansers, and shower products. It’s the first-ever standard to comprehensively address the health, environmental, and labeling concerns of infants, children and adults. Now consumers can use this standard as a guide—no more deciphering unclear product claims or taking the manufacturer’s word for it.

“The Green Seal on a product label makes it easier for shoppers to identify products without harmful ingredients,” said Dr. Cheryl Baldwin, vice president of standards for Green Seal, Inc. “It serves as a reassurance to consumers that the product works as well as or better than its non-green counterpart, and is truly a safer product. Our next standard in the personal-care catalogue will be GS-50, Skin Care Products.”

What are consumers looking for in safer soaps, cleansers and shampoos? Green Seal’s Soap standard provides the guide.

• No hidden health hazards such as ingredients that are contaminated with carcinogens like formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane.

• The products are safe to wash down your drain and into the environment.

• The product does its job. It has to prove to work as well as or better than a conventional product.

• All ingredients are on the label including fragrances or known allergens.

• The label will only be labeled “natural” or “organic” if it really is.

• The packaging relies less on fossil fuels/petroleum, for a lesser environmental impact.

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