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FuelCell Energy Boosts Power Output of DFC Plants 20 Percent


DANBURY, CONN.—FuelCell Energy, Inc. a manufacturer of ultra-clean electric power plants for commercial and industrial customers, announced an advanced cell stack design that boosts the power output of its Direct FuelCell (DFC) power plants by 20 percent. The company is incorporating the enhancement across its entire line of power plants.

By improving thermal management of electrochemical activity within the stack, the company has increased the power output from each cell and can produce more electricity from the same basic power plant components. The 20 percent increase in electric power output, combined with the company’s progress in its value engineering and ongoing cost-reduction programs, are integral to achieving FuelCell Energy’s $3,200 to $3,500/kilowatt cost target at the end of this calendar year for its DFC3000 power plant.

“We continue to realize results from our comprehensive cost reduction efforts,” says R. Daniel Brdar, FuelCell Energy president and c.e.o. “With additional technology-driven improvements we have under development, value engineering, supply chain development, and economies from volume production, we are positioned to meet the power needs of the broad market.

“Today’s milestone demonstrates the ability of our people to execute our product development and cost reduction plans and is a major step in realizing the commercial potential of our products,” Brdar adds. “Our talented and dedicated engineers, technologists and manufacturing employees are concentrating on capturing the power—up to a 50 percent increase—that is inherent in our technology. Now that we’ve successfully captured the first 20 percent, we’re focused on achieving the balance in our ongoing product development plans.”

Delivering more power directly enhances the value of a DFC product to customers by reducing their cost per kilowatt hour (kWh). Manufactured in FuelCell Energy’s commercial production facility, DFC power plants consist of one or multiple stacks, depending on system configuration and customer power requirements. All of the company’s products use common cell components so the up-rated stacks increase power output across the product line.

The DFC3000 power plant increases to 2.4 megawatts (MW) from 2 MW. Similarly, power output of the DFC1500MA rises to 1.2 MW and the DFC300MA to 300 kW. Validation tests of the enhanced cell stack in a DFC power plant confirmed the increased output. The company has begun incorporating the enhanced design in its production line.

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