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Eco Hotel Uxlabil Atitlan Captures Third 2006 Award for Community Efforts


OAKLAND, GUATEMALA—Eco hotel Uxlabil Atitlán, part of Uxlabil Hotels, announced that it has received awards three times this year for its efforts in the area of social responsibility.

The last of these awards was received August 22. For the first time in Guatemala there were six awards publicly given to Socially Responsible Enterprises in six different categories. In the category of Opportunities to Reduce Poverty, the winner was Banco del Café; the second place award was given to Eco hotel Uxlabil. The next day both enterprises shared their experiences and the specific manner in which their work has benefited families and local communities. Two cabinet ministries participated in the evaluation of these productive community projects: Planning and Hunger, and Poverty Combat.

In July, the International Ecotourism Club, ECOCLUB, after a worldwide electronic poll, awarded Eco hotel Uxlabil the second prize for an original project: the rescue and painting of fishermen boats in San Juan La Laguna. At this moment 21 cayucos—artisan fishermen boats—have been totally repaired and painted. Local painters came to help in the painting process.

In April, the Guatemalan Government Competitiveness Program awarded Eco hotel Uxlabil the first prize in the category of Small Enterprise. As a result, at the moment, several improvements are underway at the hotel in San Juan: a new and mobile deck is being built, gardens are being enlarged, a bird watching program is being designed, and a fish pond is being built to preserve the fish which will be purchased from the local fishermen and offered at the restaurant.

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