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Fairmont Newport Beach Plans ‘Green’ Summer Slumber Party


NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF.—In support of a companywide initiative for a Sustainable Summer—a new program that will encourage the company’s colleagues from all corners of the globe to put the concerns of the planet at the forefront on Friday, June 22, 2007—the employees of the Fairmont Newport Beach will do their part by staging a “sleep in” for the inaugural Dream in Green-Summer Solstice Sleepover, 2007.

“Southern California and the OC are such a car-driven culture that it would be nearly impossible for some of our employees to consider walking, biking or taking public transportation to work,” says general manager Randy Zupanski. “By hosting a slumber party, we not only hope to keep more than 50 cars off the road on June 22, thereby sparing the environment from the toxic carbon monoxide emissions that our vehicles produce, we also hope to use the event as a team building opportunity.”

According to Chris Cahill, Fairmont’s president and COO, the Sustainable Summer initiative is a fun and tangible way for all Fairmont employees to think globally while acting locally.

A Reflection of Fairmont’s Commitment

“Whether it’s utilizing public transit, carpooling, or even biking or walking, this initiative supports our approach to responsible tourism and serves as a great reminder of the significant impact each individual can make on a day-to-day basis,” Cahill says.

The evening will include a pizza and a movie theme with each “sleeper” receiving overnight bags with “slumber essentials.” To pass the night, the hotels’ Sequoia Ballroom will be partitioned into specific areas such as the “quiet zone,” the “movie zone,” and the “game zone.”

Enlisting more than its human capital on this brand-wide endeavor, Fairmont has also committed to make a charitable donation to a local environmental group or cause on behalf of the hotel that displays the greatest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per capita during the Sustainable Summer initiative.

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