Onity is a leading global provider of energy management systems for the Hospitality, Commercial, Education, Government and Marine markets. Our EMS products merge digital temperature control with setback strategies that adjust the temperature to energy efficient levels when a room is unoccupied. Our system offers many benefits such as: up to 35 percent HVAC run-time savings, works with all types of HVAC configurations and light control, and wireless capability. For additional information about Onity’s products and solutions, please visit http://www.onity.com. Call (800) 424-1433.



Reduce in-room PTAC energy consumption by around 35% with a thermostat using a combination of motion and thermal sensing technologies. It’s easily user installed. Put money in your pocket every month. Increase resale value of your property. You may get up to 50% covered by your local utility and we can finance the rest. Call us to learn more about a technology that in the end doesn’t cost… it pays! See us at http://www.besthotelproducts.com. Call us at (847) 749-0800.



Telkonet, Inc. provides intelligent energy reduction and automation platforms at the forefront of the Internet of Things. Helping the hospitality industry better manage operational costs, the EcoSmart platform utilizes a full-suite of connected devices that work together to reduce energy consumption by scheduling and automating HVAC runtimes for only when the guest is present. The operator dashboard provides in-depth and actionable energy usage insights, and remote operation allows for unmatched flexibility and responsiveness. The platform also allows for the creation of immersive and connected guest experiences, by automating lighting, window treatments, and other components. For more information, call (414) 302-2299.



We provide 16 years of Guest Room Energy Management experience to the market. We offer the well accepted and reliable Key Card product that some customers have had installed for over a decade. For a number of years we have also offered a PIR thermostat which provides a more favorable solution for many customers. We have now upgraded the PIR product with a new and enhanced product with unmatched price performance backed by a 60 month warranty. We provide a high quality PIR thermostat that performs well and qualifies for utility company incentives. This will ensure that the hotel maximizes their opportunity to save money on energy. This product will be easy for the hotel to install and the guest to use. The objective is an extended period of trouble free energy savings. Visit us at http://www.entergize.com or call (312) 342-4379.



Verdant Environmental Technologies manufactures state of the art, plug & play energy management solutions for the hospitality sector. For over 40 years, Verdant has helped its customers save money on their energy bills by reducing HVAC runtimes when guestrooms are empty. Over that time, we have amassed numerous patents on our technology that have helped us maximize energy savings without compromising guest comfort. Verdant is an approved vendor of all major hotel chains and was most recently named a preferred energy management thermostat by the InterContinental Hotels Group. To learn more, contact us at (888) 440-0991, e-mail sales@verdant.co, or visit our website.



Mode:Green is the trusted leader in providing integrated solutions for today’s top hotels. Hotels like the 1 Brooklyn and Kimpton Grand Cayman partner with Mode:Green because of their shared vision of changing the way the hospitality industry views sustainability practices. Mode:Green can install and coordinate automated systems to control temperatures, window treatments, lighting and other components. Not only are we experienced in many different systems, but Mode:Green has also created its own custom LED Light Bulbs. For more information, call (646) 688-4358 or e-mail jhayes@modegreen.com.