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Maytag Commercial Laundry Reinvents Its Top-Load Washer

  1. JOSEPH, MICH.—Maytag Commercial Laundry has listened to the needs of the commercial laundry market and is introducing a new top-load washer. The unit, which touts the ease of use and performance of a traditional deep wash experience, also offers exceptional durability, serviceability and flexibility.

    “The needs of our customers are of the utmost importance, which is why we’ve incorporated their feedback in the redesign of this washer from the ground up,” said Trey Northrup, General Manager of Maytag Commercial Laundry. “However, our commitment to the commercial laundry industry only begins there. We’ve also taken steps to expand our resources, add more service technicians and restructure our call center to ensure we’re delivering the best possible experience for our reputable distributors.”

    The Maytag Commercial Laundry Top-Load Washer, assembled on a dedicated production line in Clyde, Ohio, is backed by a five-year limited warranty—all parts covered. The machine offers these top attributes:

  • Powerful Drive System—Alternating between long and short strokes to generate deep cleaning, the powerful ½-HP PSC motor and quad-gear transmission deliver a consistent wash for varied load types. The design, which is made of a watertight, flexible, triple-lip seal to keep moisture safely away from the shaft and protect the premium bearings, delivers the results and longevity the industry expects.
  • Deep Water Wash System—The wash system is optimized with deep-water wash and rinse cycles to provide an effective wash. Utilizing four distinct wash profiles—from aggressive to gentle—the traditional, flex-vane agitator pulls clothes from the top of the basket to the bottom, creating vigorous cleaning action and outstanding load rollover. The spin-fill wet-down process ensures the load is properly saturated by rotating the basket during initial fill. With upgrade options available for hotter temperatures, deep bath rinse, progressive spray and heavy soil, and wash basket accessibility during the first three rinse segments of the cycle simply by lifting the lid, the end-user’s experience is further enhanced.
  • Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology—Intelligent controls with M-Series Technology offer flexibility and profit-boosting opportunities. Customized setup via simple, step-by-step programming provides individual cycle pricing options for optimal earnings, while end users can easily choose their preferred wash experience with one-touch cycle selection. In addition, the display clearly conveys prices, selections, and time remaining.
  • Service Made Easy—Should downtime occur, servicing the top-load washer is easy. With just two screws, the console can be easily removed, allowing access to the control panel, while an opening in the base provides fast access to the transmission, pump and motor. And, built-in, easy-to-use diagnostics help servicers identify the problem and get the machine back to peak performance quickly.
  • Heavy-Duty Cabinet—Possessing the strength and craftsmanship needed for high-demand commercial environments, the sturdy removable front, side panels and easy-access base are constructed with high-grade powder-coated galvanized steel. In addition, the full-wrap metal console is sleek and easy to clean.

“Every component of this machine works together to provide an optimal wash performance, allowing us to fulfill our promise of delivering dependability every single time,” added Northrup.