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Electrolux Professional North America Enhances SMART Refrigeration Line


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—Electrolux Professional North America has enhanced its SMART Refrigeration line. It is now Energy Star rated, equipped with optional dual temperature controls, and available for under-counter installation.

“Energy Star rated equipment is a huge benefit to the operator,” says Angelo Grillas, product manager for Electrolux Professional. “We are providing them with superior energy management and a sustained commitment to saving money. The SMART defrosting function automatically detects ice build-up on the evaporator and de-ices only when necessary, saving running costs and ensuring a uniform inside temperature and resulting in energy savings up to 5 percent.”

Optional dual temperature controls and fully programmable settings make the entire refrigeration line ideal for use wherever thermal stability is critical to the operating environment. For ease of use, pre-set temperatures and optimum humidity levels can be selected by food category; either meats, cheese, vegetables, or dairy products. Four temperature probes allow for continuous management of ambient, internal storage, condenser and evaporator temperatures. This allows the Electrolux SMART Refrigeration system to maintain its observance of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point food safety compliance.

The physical construction of the unit is now available for under-counter installation to ensure user-friendly, hygienic, compact and flexible working spaces. The refrigeration line also features split or glass door options and exteriors encasing environmentally friendly Cyclopentane (CFC and HCFC free) insulating foam.

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