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Sustainable Style Foundation Nominates Pineapple Hospitality for Style Achievement Award


SAINT CHARLES, MO.—The Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF) has recognized Saint Charles, Mo.-based Pineapple Hospitality for its successful marketing of 100 percent biodegradable amenities to hospitality properties across the United States, as well as for the company’s dozens of other environmentally friendly solutions.

Seattle-based SSF nominated Pineapple Hospitality for its Third Annual Outstanding Sustainable Style Achievement (OSSA) Awards in the category of Travel. This award is given to an individual or firm for exceptional and exemplary work in the design of consumer goods, automobiles, technology and other products. This third OSSA Awards program recognizes the best in sustainable style for 2005. SSF soon will select 10 OSSA Award recipients from the field of more than 60 nominees announced recently in SSF’s online publication, SASS (Style And Sustainability Seasonal) Magazine.

“The OSSA Awards recognize outstanding social and environmental efforts across style industries that help us all ‘look fabulous, live well and do good,’” says Rebecca Luke, co-founder and senior stylist at SSF. “This is a landmark third year for SSF as we continue to bring community organizations, businesses and government together to demonstrate how the expression of individual lifestyle choices can help make positive changes in our world.”

A selection committee comprised of accomplished social and environmental leaders, educators and “sustainable style” practitioners will evaluate the nominees and select a winner in each category based on the following criteria:

• Effective use of popular culture. How effectively nominees use popular culture/media to inspire mainstream consumers to make more sustainable personal lifestyle choices.

• Future innovation. How nominees’ achievements drive further innovation in specific industries or across other design industries.

• Depth of achievement. The significance of the achievement, particularly with respect to available resources or prior achievements of the company or organization.

• Overall impact. The level of interest created and its long-lasting appeal.

Go to Pineapple Hospitality for more information.