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EdgeEnergy & Verdek to Install Single-Phase Fast Chargers


CINCINNATI—EdgeEnergy, a subsidiary of Single Phase Power Solutions (SPPS), has added Verdek Green Technologies to their sales channel. As an authorized reseller, Verdek Green will offer EdgeEnergy single-phase EV rapid charging station technology along with their other EV charging station equipment in their repertoire. EdgeEnergy designs and manufactures rapid EV charging stations utilizing single-phase utility service rather than three-phase service which is unavailable in much of the country. Their products are ideal for remote areas without access to three-phase power. EdgeEnergy’s products offer an easily deployable and cost-effective way to expand EV rapid charging infrastructure in areas where range anxiety creates a barrier to EV adoption. Since 2008 Verdek Green has been supplying turnkey EV charging station services—including site survey, proposal, order processing, installation, station activation, user training, and ongoing site management. They serve customers across North America including workplaces, multi-family sites, retail & hospitality locations, commercial parking structures, states, cities & towns, GSA schedule commercial fleets, highway charging, bus charging, and microgrids.

“We’re pleased to partner with the Verdek Green team, as they are well known and well respected within the EV community,” said Director of Sales & Marketing for EdgeEnergy Ben Morris. “Verdek Green understands the advantages that EdgeEnergy provides, and is well positioned to promote this where it will be most beneficial.”

EdgeEnergy charging station technology uses revolutionary, patented technology to generate solid and reliable three-phase, 480-volt output for the DC Fast-Charger from existing single-phase infrastructure. “This allows EV charging stations to be installed across a variety of rural locations where three-phase power is unavailable or cost-prohibitive to install,” said Morris. “The Verdek team can take this proven technology to rural electric co-ops, cities, towns, businesses, parking facilities, retail and hospitality sites, and other viable opportunities across the country.”

Single-Phase Solution for EV Charging Stations

Much of the United States does not have adequate access to three-phase power, and extending that service is expensive (approximately $100,000 per mile). The EdgeEV70 is a single-phase solution for EV charging stations, providing the clean, stable, three-phase power that rapid chargers need to quickly replenish an electric vehicle’s battery. EdgeEnergy recently has completed extensive testing and is building prototype units for installation at select sites across the United States. The company is accepting pre-orders for its production model, which will begin shipping this summer. The power source is compatible with most DC Fast Chargers.

The EdgeEV70 incorporates the proven technology of the 1-to-3 Power Source manufactured by EdgeEnergy’s parent company Single Phase Power Solutions. Built with rural applications in mind, the SPPS 1-to-3 rides through momentary power loss and can accommodate voltage fluctuation in single-phase lines while delivering solid three-phase power. The integration of the SPPS 1-to-3 in the EdgeEV70 provides clean, reliable, three-phase power to EV charging stations and supports efforts to extend charging networks to remote areas like national parks, rural cottages and resorts and other attractions that until now have not been accessible due to the lack of three-phase power availability and limitations of direct current rapid charging stations.

EdgeEnergy, a subsidiary of Single Phase Power Solutions, was created with a vision for a greener, equitable, and more sustainable power infrastructure. Their products use patented Written-Pole large horsepower single-phase motor technology to deliver a power source for Level-3 rapid charging stations. For additional information, visit www.edgeenergyev.com.

Single Phase Power Solutions, manufacturer of the world’s only large horsepower single-phase motor, produces engineered solutions, and pump systems for agricultural, industrial, and municipal markets. Their patented Written-Pole technology delivers a robust and reliable solution for customers that need a large horsepower output but only have access to single-phase power. They manufacture a full range of single-phase motors up to 100 HP, single-phase pump systems, and the 1-to-3 Power Source that generates stable, reliable three-phase power from a single-phase line without a phase converter. For additional information, visit www.singlephasepowersolutions.com.