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EcoHanger Company Aims to Reduce Hanger Waste


NEW YORK—What was unthinkable several years ago may now be just what Mother Nature ordered: national advertisers competing for space in consumers’ bedrooms. The goal, set forth by the Hanger Network (www.hangernetwork.com), is simple: replace more than 3.5 billion wire hangers with advertising-supported EcoHangers that are better for the environment and great for business.

Major advertisers like L’Oreal, Dunkin Donuts and Revlon are lining up for a chance at reaching consumers in-home every morning—at a time and place where their messages are most relevant and motivating, while also investing significant amounts of their ad budgets in this environmentally friendly media venue.

“From a media perspective, there is a strong advantage to having a private conversation with your target audience of adults, in their bedrooms every morning,” says Bob Kantor, CEO of Hanger Network. “But the byproduct of this advertising vehicle is that it is also critically important to our environment. Advertisers are actually displacing millions of wire hangers with our 100 percent recycled and recyclable EcoHangers, keeping millions of pounds of steel out of U.S. landfills.”

Each year, more than 3.5 billion wire hangers are used in the United States alone. For perspective, this waste represents:

• 195 million pounds of steel per year—the equivalent of 60,000 cars.
• 2.2 million miles of wire: enough to travel from the earth to the moon nine times.

“We have developed a solution to such a significant environmental problem that is also a great advertising platform,” Kantor says. “Advertisers can now take an active role in improving our environment while also leveraging a powerful in-home marketing platform. That’s a win-win.”