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Driving Change: How NEVI Funding Reshapes Hospitality with EV Charging Stations

Saveri Chikane

The future of transportation is undoubtedly electric, and the United States is on the verge of an EV revolution. Investments by the government in publicly accessible EV charging stations are critical to bringing in this shift. The recently announced National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) funding gives state and local governments a powerful weapon for shaping the landscape of the U.S. EV charging infrastructure. The implications of this funding reach far and wide, impacting various industries, including hospitality. Hospitality owners and managers play a vital role in accommodating the growing number of EV owners, and by understanding what NEVI funding means for the hospitality industry, they can capitalize on the benefits it offers.

The EV Revolution

According to the current White House Administration’s projection, 50 percent of all vehicles sold by 2030 will be electric vehicles. Although that is a tall order, the rise in demand is supported by several factors, including competitive pricing, and falling battery costs. Furthermore, the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act has included incentives to encourage domestic EV manufacture and ownership. The enormity of the charging infrastructure required to service this rising demand, on the other hand, is enormous, needing a complete system built for multiple client segments ranging from personal and commercial vehicles to transit, school buses, and government fleets.

Hospitality & EV Charging Stations

Hotels are constantly striving to enhance their guest experience and stay ahead of the competition. One notable way they can achieve this is by installing EV charging stations. These charging stations offer a multitude of advantages, not only for the hotels themselves but also for their guests and the environment.

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: EV charging stations significantly enhance the guest experience. They provide a convenient and reliable solution for guests who drive electric vehicles, making it easier for them to travel to and from the hotel. Moreover, it allows guests to recharge their vehicles effortlessly, facilitating off-hotel activities without the worry of running out of charge.
  • Eco-Friendly Appeal: Many travelers are increasingly environmentally conscious, seeking hotels that align with their values. By offering EV charging stations on hotel premises, hotels can attract eco-friendly guests who appreciate the sustainability efforts. This distinguishes the hotel from its competitors, appealing to those looking for an environmentally friendly travel experience.
  • Revenue Generation: EV charging stations can be used to generate revenue for hotels. They can charge for charging stations through membership programs or hourly charges. This extra revenue can help offset installation and maintenance costs, making it a long-term investment.
  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuels: Supporting EV charging stations helps to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Hotels contribute to a more sustainable future by supporting the use of EVs and other alternative fuel vehicles, thereby lowering their environmental footprint.
  • Branding Opportunity: The presence of EV charging stations provides an opportunity for branding. Hotels can advertise their charging stations to customers and even explore advertising partnerships, bolstering their brand image as a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious establishment.
  • Local Business Support: EV charging stations can have a positive impact on local businesses. Guests, while charging their EVs, are more likely to explore the surrounding areas, thereby boosting the local economy and fostering the growth of sustainable businesses nearby.


The hospitality industry stands at a unique crossroads with the electrification of transportation. The newly implemented NEVI funding allows hotels to tap into the growing market of EV owners and increase their appeal to eco-conscious guests. Hotels can improve the visitor experience, generate extra cash, and contribute to a more sustainable future by providing EV charging stations. Furthermore, as the EV revolution gathers traction, hotels that embrace these changes will be able to differentiate themselves and remain competitive in an evolving travel industry. As we move toward a greener, more sustainable future, NEVI funding and the uptake of EV charging stations in the hotel industry will be critical change agents.

About the Author:

Saveri Chikane is working as a Research Assistant with GoSpace. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Global Sustainability with a concentration in Sustainable Business, she is passionate about driving positive change through sustainable practices. She firmly believes that sustainability holds the key to building a better world for future generations and is dedicated to making a meaningful impact through her work.

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