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A Look at the Many Upsides to Purchasing Revitalized PTAC Units

Glenn Hasek

Many of you use PTAC units to heat and cool guestrooms and other spaces in your hotel. When those PTACs have reached the “end of life,” what do you do with them? I recently spoke with Mylien Collins, Vice President of Digital Marketing at RoomOne Solutions, to get her company’s take on the lifecycle of the PTAC. RoomOne Solutions’ PTAC4Less takes used PTACs and renovates them for resale back into the hotel market—contributing to a more circular economy. Any PTACs that cannot be revitalized are scrapped. “Every single piece gets recycled properly,” Mylien told me. Any refrigerant that needs to be removed is done so properly.

According to PTAC4Less, the way businesses dispose of PTAC units often poses environmental hazards. Typically, these units are handed over to scrap metal dealers focused on salvaging metals, leading to neglected refrigerant management. This oversight is critical because refrigerants in PTAC units, like R-22 and R-410A, can harm the ozone layer and contribute to global warming if released. Plus, the drive for metal recovery can result in the illegal or negligent release of these substances, violating environmental laws intended to prevent such emissions.

Proper recycling of refrigerants and careful handling of other parts can reduce environmental harm. Raising awareness and improving recycling access can also prevent landfilling, leading to more sustainable management of PTAC units.

Significant Savings Potential

“If the PTACs can be repaired, they go through a refurbishment process,” Mylien said. Components are replaced and minor issues resolved. Refurbished units undergo a range of quality assurance tests and cosmetic fixes, and fresh coats of paint are applied to the front panels. Every unit is deep-cleaned and deodorized. Refurbished units undergo a series of quality assurance tests. By buying used, hoteliers can save up to 60 percent while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and waste.

According to PTAC4Less, which also sells brand new PTACs and parts and accessories, purchasing refurbished PTAC units as backups is also a financially prudent strategy. The cost of a room being out of service due to a system failure can be significant, with losses potentially exceeding hundreds of dollars per day. By investing in a couple of refurbished PTAC units at a lower cost, businesses can ensure continuity in their operations, avoiding the downtime and revenue loss associated with unexpected HVAC failures.

An important part of the revitalized PTAC story is the reduction in carbon footprint by necessitating considerably less energy for their restoration compared to manufacturing new units. This process is pivotal in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and represents a significant environmental savings over the life cycle of each unit. This deliberate reduction in resource utilization and waste production is a proactive measure against the escalating issue of climate change.

I have written about the importance of extending a product’s life numerous times on Green Lodging News. Furniture certainly comes to mind as another example. Where possible in your purchasing, think first about the renovation potential of the item you are considering replacing. If you do choose renovation over new, you will build upon your green story while lightening the environmental/carbon footprint of your purchasing as well.

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