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Drainbo Introduces Non-Toxic Option for Keeping Drains Clear


LIVERMORE, CALIF.—Drainbo has introduced its non-toxic, chemical-free, and all-natural drain cleaner called Drainbo. Available direct to hotels and restaurants, Drainbo has been specially formulated to keep local water systems, lakes and oceans free of the fats, oils, and greases (FOG) that are increasingly degrading them each and every day.

Traditional chemical-laden drain cleaners used by most consumers to clear clogged pipes are among the most hazardous products on the market today, and not just because they pose a grave threat to children and pets if improperly stored. In fact, chemical drain cleaners end up not only corroding drain pipes with dangerous toxins, but often do little more than temporarily break up FOG, allowing it only to re-congeal down the line in municipal water systems, rivers, lakes and oceans.

Drainbo is a seven-strain bacteria formulation. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and formulated without any chemicals that could damage or destroy pipes. Drainbo depends on the teamwork of trillions of tiny, naturally-occurring living micro-organisms. Like an insatiable army, these organisms actually thrive on a diet of food particles and congealed soap, removing loose hair and other types of organic waste routinely produced in the kitchen, laundry room, bath, or shower. The result: protection from excess waste for the environment, and protection from costly re-piping jobs.

Drainbo is safe for use throughout the year by regular application in all sinks and drains and can serve as a significant preventive tool when used every month or so to maintain clean pipes. Most telling of all, Drainbo carries on its packaging none of the usual battery of warning or danger signs usually found on mainstream drain cleaners (other than a notice to consumers not to drink Drainbo, though even that would be non life-threatening).

“Protecting the environment is what Drainbo is all about,” says Ron Darcey, director of marketing at Drainbo. “We are proud of our products not only because they are high quality products that work, but because they are safe, all-natural and kind to our planet.”

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