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Dometic to Show Minibars, DMS Cloud at BDNY


ELKHART, IND.—Dometic will exhibit at Boutique Design Show New York November 12 to 13 at booth #682 where they will display their line of minibars, and the DMS Cloud system used to help manage minibar programs.

Dometic minibars are more than just in-room refrigerators as they also ensure guest comfort and convenience. High tech features such as silent operation, energy-saving efficiency and optional door-opening sensor dramatically lower maintenance requirements and reduce labor costs.

Dometic will focus on the RH 44 LDAG Mirror Effect Glass Door Minibar, which will improve guest consumption and offer an extra design feature in the rooms. This 40-liter minibar is equipped with features including: adjustable shelves, sensor controlled LED interior light, Fuzzy Logic energy management, CUC cooling unit control, automatic defrost, temperature settings with remote control, reversible door hinge, self-diagnostic system, and is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Additionally, Dometic offers the DMS Cloud System that offers increased efficiency of labor at both the front end, in-room entry process and the back-end reporting and reconciliation process. In turn, this reduces labor costs associated with running a minibar operation.

DMS System Advantages

The DMS Cloud system offers users a simple and easy-to-use interface, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. One can seamlessly manage all aspects of the minibar in-room point of sale, including direct posting of consumption and purchases into the hotel Property Management System and the supplying of concise reports that allow the hotel to reduce stock losses, increase in-room retail profitability and optimize in-room refilling operations.

The DMS Cloud saves labor by improving attendant efficiency and adds additional point-of-sale opportunities to your existing minibar program compared to older hardware-based solutions. No proprietary handheld devices are required, no dedicated server or clients to install and maintain, and no dedicated apps to download and install—just log in to the DMS Cloud website and start posting charges.

DMS System Content

For management, the DMS Cloud website is used to pull reports and easily add or modify minibar program contents, including:

  • Floors—add, delete, or create zones;
  • Rooms—add or delete;
  • Staff—add, delete, change permissions, and modify logins and passwords;
  • Categories—add or delete;
  • Menu items—add, delete, change costs, taxes or prices;
  • Article listing—provide an accurate listing of all current and past articles; and
  • Guest menu—print a refreshment center guest menu from the DMS Cloud system.


Widely used reports for monitoring a minibar program and point of sale activities are available on the DMS Cloud website. One can run reports for the current day or the length of time one specifies. These reports include:

  • Room Sales Report—shows detail of sales for all rooms, including room number, guest initial or folio, items sold, quantity, price, and total sales;
  • Attendant Sales Report—shows total sales by attendant;
  • Attendant Productivity Report—shows total rooms visited, time from first transmission to last transmission, and average time per room; and
  • Article Sales Report—shows total sales for each article per day or any selected period.