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Cleveland Range Introduces Energy-Efficient Convotherm Oven


CLEVELAND, OHIO—Cleveland Range has introduced its new Convotherm Combi Steamer-Oven. It will be manufactured and marketed in the United States by Cleveland Range, an Enodis company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The oven has been designed for the rigors of American kitchens and features the Advanced Closed System +3 with “Crisp and Tasty,” “Press-and-Go” and the disappearing door—all pioneered and refined by Convotherm.

Convotherm’s patented Advanced Closed System allows the amount of steam used during cooking to be tailored exactly to the type and size of food inside the oven—providing consistent temperature and humidity control. When steam saturation is achieved and the product can’t absorb any more steam, the excess goes down the drain and no further steam is produced. The humidity level is maintained automatically during the cooking process. This is accomplished with the “bypass tube,” located in the cooking cavity. At the end of this tube is a temperature sensor also connected to the Condensate Box. The sensor responds to changes in atmosphere within the cooking compartment. In the steam and combi modes, these sensors control the steam and/or hot air cycles.

With the Advanced Closed System, the Condensate Box prevents steam and heat from directly escaping into the kitchen. This allows steam to be absorbed into the product faster, decreasing cooking times and improving product quality. With other combis, steam directly escapes from the cooking compartment drain and needs to be continually replaced to reach a preset amount of humidity—increasing its energy requirement.

Crisp & Tasty is a new and exclusive feature with the Advanced Closed System. When this feature is activated, a greater vacuum is created inside the cooking compartment. It allows the additional moisture produced during cooking to be forced out of the system faster. The product’s exterior gets crispier while the inside stays moist. This is ideal for frozen products like French fries, casseroles and baked items. In addition to superior cooking performance, the Advanced Closed System saves water and lowers drain-line temperatures.

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