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Advance Introduces Battery-Powered Rider Burnisher


MINNEAPOLIS—Advance introduces the Advolution 2710, a battery-powered rider burnisher that provides a superior gloss and maximum productivity without the emissions or noise associated with propane burnishers. The machine increases productivity with its ride-on capability and extended run time. The Advolution 2710 rider also utilizes a front steering system, allowing the operator to easily maneuver in congested areas and around obstacles.

“We designed the new Advolution 2710 burnisher with the operator in mind,” says Sara Thurston, brand manager for Advance. “The machine automatically controls the pad pressure and velocity for consistent, superior gloss results every time.”

The One-Touch control pad simplifies training and operation, while a mid-mounted burnishing head tilts up and allows easy access for changing burnishing pads. The machine has a 27-inch burnishing path, with a flexible pad drive that spins at a speed of 1600 rpm under load. At average speeds, the Advolution 2710 burnisher will cover 30,000 square feet in an hour, and the extended battery run time on this rider burnisher allows the operator to clean over 135,000 square feet on a single battery charge.

The machine comes standard with 6 six-volt batteries that eliminate the noise and emissions associated with propane burnishers. Passive dust control is standard on the machine, which reduces the need for dust mopping. An active dust control kit is available as an option for environments that require a higher degree of filtration.

Automatic safeguards eliminate unmanned start-ups, which can damage floor finish, while a safety switch prevents accidental pad start-up in the tilt-up position. Open sight lines on the Advolution 2710 rider burnisher create a safe ride for the operator. Tilt steering accommodates operators of any size.

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