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Bentley Prince Street Launches ‘Zoom Room’


LOS ANGELES— Bentley Prince Street recently launched an innovative simulation technology system, named the “Zoom Room,” in its newly opened Chicago showroom during the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair. Developed by Tricycle, this 3D visualization tool provides customers with instantaneous life-sized recreations of custom color carpet products in an actual room environment, providing an effective design tool with significant environmental benefits.

The Zoom Room meets today’s designers’ needs for technology-driven visualization to speed up and assist in their design and specification process. It also reduces environmental impact by decreasing sample production, preserving non-renewable resources and reducing landfill waste.

“The Zoom Room offers two key advantages that are consistent with Bentley Prince Street’s continual quest: Offering innovative tools that meet our customers’ needs and, at the same time, contribute to our Mission Zero goal of zero environmental footprint by the year 2020,” says Bentley Prince Street CEO Anthony Minite. “This one-of-a-kind technology gives our customers a way to actually see our products—even walk on our products—full scale in their intended environment immediately, without waiting for a small product sample. And, because it’s all 3D simulation, it reduces the need to create and distribute carpet samples, thus significantly lowering waste, a key environmental issue in our industry.”

Rather than confining custom carpet samples to a traditional sample box or even the more advanced SIM from Tricycle technology on a computer screen, Bentley Prince Street’s Zoom Room uses a system of connected projectors and screens to create a full-scale impression of the room environment—showing customer-selected carpet products in their desired color in front of, below and around the viewer in its intended application. The image can also be reduced to computer screen size and electronically sent to the customer via e-mail for future reference, or used to print color images.

For more information, visit Bentley Prince Street.