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Chatham Bars Inn Initiates Second Phase of Bluff Revitalization Project


CHATHAM, MASS.—Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod’s storied and celebrated year-round hideaway, has begun relocating 7,000 cubic yards of sand in a comprehensive dredging initiative aimed at staving off beach erosion. The erosion is a result of shoaling from the North Inlet and wash-over from nearby North Beach Island. Chatham Bars Inn is working closely with the Town of Chatham and the Barnstable County Dredge to relocate the sand from Aunt Lydia’s Cove to the resort’s famed beach-front area that spans from the Chatham Fish Pier to the Inn’s private dock and Clafin Landing.

This project follows ongoing environmental plans which began more than a year ago with the first phase of Chatham Bars Inn’s Bluff Revitalization Project. With Managing Director Gary Thulander leading the charge to revive the natural settings of Cape Cod, the team at Chatham Bars Inn—alongside the town of Chatham and other conservation partners—rebuilt the Bluff’s coastline in March 2020 and removed 90 percent of invasive plant species not native to the area.

“Our main goal at the commencement of this program was to beautify the coastline to its former glory,” said Gary Thulander, Managing Director of Chatham Bars Inn. “We remain an environmentally-conscious resort and we will continue to invest in restoring our natural surroundings. Chatham Bars Inn is a home away from home for so many, and especially given the complexities of this past year, we are keen to safeguard a natural sense of Cape Cod for our guests to enjoy.”

The beautification project has resulted in stunning ocean views from the inn’s beachfront suites—not to mention its allowance of boaters to discover a coastline that had been overgrown for decades. Bird feeders were also built to welcome back the local inhabitants. With this recent dredging, the revitalization will translate to an expansion 20 feet wider and 9 feet taller in some areas to further advance coastline nourishment.

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