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EcoSmart PR, a ‘Green Industry’ Communications Firm, Launches in Florida


MELBOURNE, FLA.—EcoSmart PR, a Florida-based public relations and strategic communications firm, is now open for business and accepting new clients.

“Our mission is to create successful marketing, PR, and public education campaigns for clients with a pro-environment message,” said Whitney Waite, President of EcoSmart PR. “Like our clients, we want to make a difference in the fight to protect our planet. It is what drives us every day.”

The company offers its clients the support of a cadre of science and engineering subject matter experts that range from water treatment and coastal ecology to biosolid reuse, plastic recycling, renewable energy, and more.

“EcoSmart PR combines the best in subject area expertise with decades of tactical experience in outreach, advertising, and media relations. We thrive on taking complicated, scientific messages and turning them into content that compels a change in behavior, whether that’s purchasing something new that’s made from recycled plastic, securing investment for a new technology, or turning out voters to support green initiatives and better policies,” said Waite.

EcoSmart PR is committed to a non-partisan, non-politicized approach to public education on environmental issues. “Clean water, clean air, slowing climate change, and pursuing sustainable food production methods are not, and should not be, political. There are good ways to talk to people about these issues without tapping into divisions and delaying progress. That is what we aim to do with all our campaigns,” said Waite. “We are excited to be taking a more formal, focused role in improving our environment, because we know it can be done.”