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Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism Publishes List of Green Globe 21 Member Hotels


SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO—The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST) has published a list of properties in the region that have obtained the demanding Green Globe 21 certification. The Green Globe 21 page can be found at www.cha-cast.com.

The Green Globe 21 company standard is a benchmarking and certification standard designed for businesses in 25 different sectors of the travel and tourism industry—accommodations, administrative offices, airlines, airports, attractions, cruise vessels, golf courses, restaurants, vehicle rentals, tour operators and more.

The standard requires an operation to first establish a baseline level of performance or benchmark for environmental and socially responsible performance. To be considered environmentally and socially responsible, businesses must meet all of the requirements of the Green Globe 21 standard and be audited before becoming certified and earning the right to display the Green Globe logo.

CAST is the Alliance Partner for the Green Globe 21 program in the Caribbean. The region leads the world with more than 50 percent of all properties certified by Green Globe 21.

CAST, a subsidiary of the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA), was chartered in 1997 to undertake collaborative environmental efforts within the hotel industry, enhance the practices of the region’s hotel and tourism operators by providing high quality education and training related to sustainable tourism; promoting the industry’s efforts and successes to the traveling public and other stakeholders; and serving as a vital link to all stakeholders with sustainable tourism interests in the Caribbean region.