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Awair Announces $10 Million Series B Financing


SAN FRANCISCO—Awair, the creators of intelligent air quality monitors for homes and enterprises, announces a $10 million Series B financing led by The Westly Group, with additional investment from Altos Ventures, Emerson Electric, iRobot and Nuovo Capital. With the newly secured funding, Awair will focus on increasing production to fulfill the rising demand for both their consumer solutions, research and development for new products and continued growth of their enterprise business through an expanded sales process.

“Air impacts all aspects of our health and well-being,” says Awair co-founder, Ronald Ro. “There is a massive opportunity in how we design, build, monitor, and control our environments. Current technology for built environments is not optimized for occupants’ health and productivity. Awair exists to make sure we are productive, safe, and healthy.

The Westly Group’s participation in Awair’s Series B round is the latest major investment from the clean technology venture firm in companies focused on creating a sustainable future, such as electric car giant Tesla, power-grid inspection drone developer Sterblue, safety robotics startup Gecko Robotics and real estate project management platform Honest Buildings.

Investors Impressed by Awair

“Over the last few years, we have been impressed with the insights Awair has provided on how our environment directly affects our well-being,” says Steve Westly, Managing Partner for The Westly Group. “We’re confident that Awair will continue to empower people with real data that allows them to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Since launching in 2015, Awair has rapidly grown to become the top provider of consumer air quality monitors. Awair is now globally distributed and has shown up in over 3,000 cities across the world. Today, the company has achieved global reach with headquarters in San Francisco and Seoul and a talent roster that includes former executives from top companies like Boeing, Cisco, Google and Procter & Gamble.

Thanks to products like Awair 2nd Edition, Glow and Mint, users are able to track and analyze the key factors of air quality (Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals, and Fine Dust) in their homes and make changes to optimize their homes for healthy air. With growing awareness and concern over the effects of natural disasters, such as the California wildfires and increasing global air pollution, consumers turn to Awair to help them understand and improve their home environment.

The company has also swiftly made its mark in the enterprise space with Omni, a scalable solution that allows offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and other enterprises to track and optimize air quality in response to the growing focus on employee and occupant health. Omni is already used by leading organizations like WeWork, AirBnB, Harvard, and The Crown Estate to keep their facilities optimized for employee and tenant health. Omni recently achieved RESET certification to allow builders to use the product to earn coveted green building certifications.