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AURA Launches the Ion Bar for IAQ


CHAPEL HILL, N.C.—AURA Technologies, an innovative provider of technology solutions for health, safety, security, and national defense, launched the AURA Ion Bar, a groundbreaking new product category in the indoor air quality space. The Ion Bar is the only system in the world that creates a germ-destroying barrier across any two spaces safely using Negative Air Ions (NAIs).

This first-of-its-kind product addresses a critical flaw in current indoor air quality systems by targeting the contamination that occurs in areas where you feel most vulnerable to germs and contaminants—such as conference rooms, elevators, bathrooms, classrooms, and public transport. The AURA Ion Bar creates a line of defense—essentially a “force field” of air—that is infused with NAIs, is ozone free and eliminates at least 99.95 percent of airborne and surface pathogens while keeping dust, pollen, smoke, and germs out of clean spaces.

“The AURA Ion Bar represents a significant leap in air safety technology,” said Anna Bennett, Co-CEO of AURA Technologies. “This game-changing product is a result of our commitment to providing innovative solutions that promote health and well-being in the post-COVID era. By harnessing the power of negative air ions, the Ion Bar ensures clean air without the need for constant filter replacements, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective choice for maintaining superior indoor air quality.”

Acts as An Invisible Barrier

Designed to create a protective sheet of air enriched with a high concentration of NAIs, Ion Bar acts as an invisible barrier by blocking contaminants before they enter a space, and by removing contaminants from the breathing zone. NAIs are a powerful disinfectant and completely harmless to humans, pets, and furnishings. Ion Bar utilizes its patented design to inject high concentrations of germicidal NAIs at the point of entry, effectively sanitizing the air before it has an opportunity to enter or leave the room.

Independent lab results have shown the Ion Bar to reduce SARS-CoV-2 by at least 99.95 percent. In comparison, a properly fitted N-95 mask only blocks 95 percent of pathogens or about 1/100th of the stopping power of AURA Ion Bar, meaning for the first time since COVID-19, people can move through their world with greater peace of mind.

Requires No Filtration

The AURA Ion Bar requires no filtration, making it both an economical and environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, it has been rigorously tested for ozone emissions, producing no measurable ozone (down to 0.001 ppm of ozone). As such, Ion Bar is intrinsically ozone-safe and has no measurable ozone output, setting it apart from the many other electrostatically based air purifiers that rely on carbon filters to maintain safe ozone output levels.

The reality is that every time someone steps into a home, office, hotel, classroom, or retail store, they are unknowingly followed by a cloud of potentially harmful contaminants. The AURA Ion Bar changes this paradigm by instantly deactivating pathogens, ensuring cleaner, healthier air upon entry. Its powerful airflow and ozone-free ion technology not only eliminates airborne and surface pathogens but also tackles dust, pollen, smoke, and germs.

To learn more about the AURA Ion Bar™ and its capabilities, please visit here.