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April 19 HyCube Launch at Orlando World Center Marriott


The evening of April 19 is going to be an interesting time at the Orlando World Center Marriott. It is then when Eco Convergence Group will introduce its HyCube at the hotel. The HyCube, according to Eco Convergence Group, is “an innovative hydroponic system built in an illuminated, modern structure that’s as beautiful as it is functional. It could transform how produce is sourced by chefs and experienced by guests around the world.” In their invitation to me, they used phrases such as: “Closer Than Local. Cleaner Than Organic. Precisely Hydroponic.”

I wrote about Eco Convergence Group in a blog post in December. The company, with offices in Orlando, Fla., says it makes growing vegetables, herbs and fruit easy—whether on-site, off-site or in a mobile container. Atriums and rooftops are ideal hotel or resort targets. Details on how an Eco Convergence Group installation works are a bit sketchy but according to the company’s website, “The HyCube maintains a highly controlled micro-environment optimized for each variety of vegetables grown. Parameters are tightly set to accelerate crop cycles, and we purify and decontaminate the air and water using multiple levels of filtration. Our growing methods do not require any pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, hormones, or antibiotics. We are using organic nutrients and organic growing methods. We do not use GMOs.”

Be sure to follow Green Lodging News after April 19 for additional information on Eco Convergence Group and how the Orlando World Center Marriott will be using the HyCube.