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Why Innovative Eco-Friendly Cleaning Matters to Hotels

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First impressions count, which is why hotels should ensure they spend ample time cleaning the first things their guests see; the building’s exterior, including its windows and the main lobby. Back in 2015, unpleasant carpet odors were the second most complained about issue hotels received from their guests. Therefore, it’s just as important to keep the carpets in your rooms fresh and fragrant. This statistic should provide those in the hospitality trade all the encouragement they need to enhance their curb appeal and provide a healthy hotel to customers using the latest eco-friendly cleaning techniques.

Why Green Cleaning is So Important in Your Hotel

A hotel has a high turnaround of guests and will see various members of society walk through its doors. The likelihood of having a guest stay who has allergies, a skin condition or breathing issues are high. Therefore, providing them with an environment that has been thoroughly cleaned with eco products will be much appreciated. Commercial cleaners are increasingly shying away from using harsh chemicals, such as bleach, and are opting to use natural products and a bit of elbow grease instead.

Perfect Windows

According to laundry equipment firm Miele, 55 percent of hotel guests worry about cleanliness. When it comes to practicing good hygiene, too often, a hotel’s windows are forgotten about. But, no guest wants to see dirty, stained panes of glass as they approach their accommodation for the night. To ensure a pristine finish, hotels should call on professional window cleaning services which have the right tools and skills to finish the job to the best possible standard. It’s easy to clean windows while being eco-friendly too. Look for a cleaning company that uses eco hot water pole water systems and that avoids using chemical-based products.

A Clean Lobby Floor Matters

The lobby is the one area of your hotel which will rarely be bereft of people. Hour after hour, day after day and week after week, guests, staff and delivery men and women will bring in dirt and muck from the great outdoors and tread it all over your carpet or tiled floor. Your floor will soon look dirty, dated and will carry an unpleasant smell. Thankfully, one of the latest trends to enter the commercial cleaning sector is small scrubber dryers. Compact Kärcher is one of the newest products to hit the market and comes complete with a resource-saving eco efficiency mode which boosts the unit’s battery life. The compact machine is also great for the environment as it uses less water and detergent than larger varieties or the traditional mop and bucket. What’s more, these tools are practical, efficient and look professional.

Hotels should look to utilize the services of eco commercial cleaning services offering the latest trends to hit the market. First impressions are vital in the hospitality trade, so, hotel management teams should be looking to do all they can to provide a clean and hygienic exterior, entrance and hotel room.