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A Few Product Innovations from the AAHOA Convention & Trade Show

Glenn Hasek

I attended the AAHOA Convention & Trade Show this past week. According to AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association), almost 6,400 of its 20,000 members were in attendance. For those of you not familiar with AAHOA’s clout, it is the largest hotel owners association in the world. Its members own 60 percent of the hotels in the United States and are responsible for 1.4 percent of the nation’s GDP. More than one million employees work at AAHOA Member-owned hotels, earning more than $51 billion annually, and member-owned hotels support 4.1 million U.S. jobs across all sectors of the hospitality industry.

From a sustainability standpoint, the news to be covered this year was at the Trade Show part of the event. It would be impossible to summarize the news of all the “green” suppliers at the Trade Show but there are several new innovations I would like to highlight.

Boomerang introduced its sustainable water bottling system. The system sanitizes and refills up to 3,000 reusable aluminum or glass water bottles a day with ultra-filtered, locally sourced water. The Nanotrite filtration system removes toxins, heavy metals, and microplastics during refilling while allowing natural minerals and electrolytes to pass through. With typical on-property return rates over 90 percent, water bottles can be used again and again. The system is about the size of a larger ice machine and is located in the back of house. The bottled water can be used as an amenity or sold in vending machines. Bottle designs can be customized.

As part of its monthly ESG reporting service, Boomerang collects and analyzes data from its bottling systems and recovery programs to provide clients with a report on their carbon footprint, plastic/single-use waste reduction, water usage, and other key sustainability metrics.

In one year, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai will eliminate 910,000 bottles from landfills and waterways by using the Boomerang Bottling System. Other hotels currently using the system include the The Boca Raton and The Statler Hotel at Cornell University.

Green Lodging News has reported on numerous other properties that have or will have bottling plants, but most have been outside the United States. It is great to see a U.S.-based company gaining traction with its system which totally eliminates plastic bottled water waste.

A Thermostat with a QR Code

Motison International Inc. introduced a new thermostat that is part of its larger energy management system. What is unique about the thermostat is its inclusion of a QR code within the thermostat display. Once a hotel guest scans the QR code, an app is launched that allows the guest to adjust room temperature with a smart phone. The QR code is only good for the length of the guest’s stay. Details on the new thermostat are not yet online. For more information, contact Khageshwar Thakur, Founder & CEO of Motison International, at (859) 221-6736 or kthakur@motison.com.

Duracell Industrial Operations featured its Procell InSite battery monitoring system. It allows hoteliers to remotely monitor batteries used in wireless devices such as locks, dispensers, faucets, and other systems. Live data can be used to reduce unneeded device maintenance while helping facility managers and workforce better budget their valuable time. The system can help reduce battery waste, costs and improve customer satisfaction by eliminating battery-dead situations.

Finally, I have attended many trade shows in recent years and have never seen more than a couple of EV charging system suppliers at each show. At this year’s AAHOA Trade Show there were at least a half dozen such suppliers—a reflection of increasing demand for chargers to meet the needs of travelers who are increasingly venturing out in their electric vehicles. Visit the AAHOA Convention & Trade Show exhibitor directory for more information.

Watch for articles soon on the systems described above as well as other sustainable products and services featured at the AAHOA Convention & Trade Show.

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