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WNW Partners with Emerald Brand, EcoStay Forestry Initiative


WOODBURY, N.Y.—Now every guest’s stay at a WNW managed hotel will support forestry preservation in two meaningful ways. Alongside WNW Group’s sustainable purchasing choice of Emerald Brand Tree-Free paper products, every stay will support the EcoStay Forestry Initiative. The synergy between Emerald Brand and EcoStay is a perfect marriage of ethos and practical application for the WNW Group.

Each night a guest stays at a WNW hotel they will help plant trees with their contribution to EcoStay’s Forestry Initiative; a collaborative effort to replant and protect thousands of acres of native species woodlands in northern Maine. This will provide important wildlife habitats, erosion control, water shed protection, fresh air and carbon recycling for generations to come. Reforestation is recognized as a leading solution in the fight against rising CO2 levels worldwide, as forests trap carbon dioxide in the bark, wood and roots of the trees.

Guests are invited to take part in virtual tree planting in EcoStay’s on-line forest where they are personally recognized for their role, along with millions of others, in making a positive impact on the environment. The educational component of the program goes even further with the construction of a masterpiece Land Art parkland in western Canada, where trees are being used to model a First Nations symbol of the earth and regeneration; the turtle. With a seasonal evolution of leaf colors, the image will be visible from above. The park will be completed this summer with a public walking path and educational signage about the project and its role in easing greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity and the interaction of First Nations people with nature.

“EcoStay’s Forestry initiative promises to join together millions of travelers from around the globe in meaningful travel,” said EcoStay President, Christina deVries.

Paper Made from Rapidly Renewable Fibers

By choosing Emerald Tree-Free paper products, hotels are combating climate change by utilizing a unique solution made from rapidly renewable agricultural fibers. This fiber has traditionally been burned or left to decompose; releasing toxins into the atmosphere. By utilizing Emerald’s Tree-Free material technology, users are preventing deforestation, eliminating the use of fossil fuel-based plastics, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and methane gas into our atmosphere, and avoiding use of harmful chemicals and additives.

WNW values their guests and employees, and by converting to these chemical free products, they are taking proactive steps to improve health and wellness, while reducing their carbon footprint.

“We were able to make these two meaningful environmental commitments thanks to EcoStay’s unique funding,” said Jonathan Reiss, CEO WNW Management. “With it, we have created a sustainability rebate program to continue our green initiatives. It changes the conversation from all about the money to simply doing what’s right for the planet.”

“WNW has always been committed to sustainability and we are proud to be part of this initiative,” said RJ Bianculli, Managing Director Emerald Brand. “Emerald continues to lead the industry in providing a full sustainable solution, and working alongside a company like WNW who shares our passion for the environment has been incredible.”