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Wisconsin Becomes 24th Utility to Offer Rebates for USA Technologies’ EnergyMiser


MALVERN, PA.—USA Technologies announced that Wisconsin Focus on Energy is the latest energy utility to offer rebates to customers who purchase its EnergyMiser product. Wisconsin Focus on Energy is the 24th state energy utility to join the USA Technologies National EnergyMiser Rebate Program and will offer rebates ranging up to $45 for VendingMisers and SnackMisers.

The company also reported that the Silicon Valley Power utility, already participating in the program, had extended its rebate ranging up to $120 for VendingMisers and CoolerMisers for another 12 months.

“USA Technologies applauds the Wisconsin Focus on Energy utility for its environmental leadership in helping fund the installation of EnergyMisers to reduce the energy consumed by refrigerated vending machines and snack machines in the state,” says Stephen P. Herbert.

USA Technologies’ EnergyMiser product line can reduce the energy consumed by vending machines, glass front coolers and other commercial appliances by up to 45 percent, and is already saving a growing number of cities and states millions of dollars annually in energy costs.

Wisconsin Focus on Energy is a public and private partnership that offers energy information, services and support to residents and businesses throughout Wisconsin. The partnership is made up of the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s Division of Energy, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp., the Energy Center of Wisconsin, and several energy consulting firms.

The goal of Wisconsin Focus on Energy is to encourage energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, enhance the environment, and ensure the future supply of energy for Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin Focus on Energy reports that this winter’s natural gas bills are expected to be about 50 percent higher than last year and electricity rates will continue to rise as global demand for energy increases,” Herbert says. “USA Technologies welcomes Wisconsin Focus on Energy to the rebate program and looks forward to working with Wisconsin’s residents to lower energy consumption in the state.”

Since July 2001, more than 600,000 Wisconsin residents and businesses have worked with Focus on Energy to save more than $98 million in annual energy costs. USA Technologies estimates that if EnergyMisers were installed in vending machines and coolers located throughout Wisconsin, it could annually reduce energy consumption in the state by 286 million kilowatt hours and save $25.7 million in energy costs.

The rebates for USA Technologies VendingMiser, CoolerMiser, SnackMiser and PlugMiser range from $30 to $120 per unit. To see a complete list of the utility companies participating in the USA Technologies Rebate Program, click here.

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