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WINT Announces $35 Million Series C Funding Round


NEW YORK—WINT Water Intelligence, a leader in cutting-edge water management and leak-prevention solutions for construction, commercial, residential and industrial applications, has completed a $35 million Series C funding round to drive continued growth and innovation in AI- and IoT-based solutions for managing water and mitigating water damage throughout a building’s lifecycle.

The round was co-led by Inven Capital, a leading European climate tech fund, and global software investor Insight Partners, which also led WINT’s B round. The round was joined by Taronga Ventures, one of the world’s leading real asset technology investors, and other prop-tech and construction-tech investors, providing WINT strategic access to new markets.

“As a climate tech investor, we were greatly impressed by WINT’s vision to bring sustainability and risk mitigation into water management, coupled with its ability to rapidly rise to market leadership in this fast-growing space,” said Michal Mravec, Investment Director at Inven Capital. “Their exponential growth, focus on customer value, cutting-edge technology, and ability to deliver globally are a uniquely powerful combination. We’re excited about the prospect of working with this exceptional team to help drive WINT’s continued growth while making our world a better place.”

Investment Reflects Need for Water Management Solutions

The successful C round supports WINT’s global market expansion and technological innovation. The investment reflects the urgent need for WINT’s solutions across the globe as contractors, owners, tenants, and insurers seek solutions for mitigating the damage and cost of water leaks. The investment also reflects the increasing impact of global water stress and the urgency for water management solutions that prevent water waste and its associated carbon emissions.

“We’re excited to close this round at a time when water scarcity and climate change are becoming some of humanity’s greatest challenges, while the costs of water leak damage in buildings are reaching unacceptable levels for insurers, owners, developers and contractors,” said Alon Geva, CEO of WINT. “We’re thrilled by the opportunity to partner with Inven and with other world-leading real estate and climate tech investors, and we are confident that their support and industry depth will help us solve these massive challenges for the world’s built environment.”

WINT equips contractors, developers, owners, and facility management teams with cutting-edge solutions to manage water throughout the lifecycle of a building, from construction to operations. WINT’s AI-based solutions help companies eliminate water waste and its associated carbon emissions and prevent water damage on construction sites and in commercial and residential buildings.

For more information about WINT, visit https://wint.ai.