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Some Reasons Why Artificial Turf Can Be More Environmentally Friendly Than Natural Grass


NATIONAL REPORT—Now more than ever, people are turning to an eco-friendly lifestyle in order to preserve our environment before we reach a point of no return. People are switching to renewable energy sources and trying to get as much from nature and give something back in return.

But when it comes to your hotel, there’s a lot more you could do to go green than you probably realize. For example, did you know that an artificial turf is much eco-friendlier than a natural one? Not only is it easy to maintain and if installed by a professional landscaping company, it could last incredibly long and not lose its appeal. But synthetic grass is also more eco-friendly than a natural lawn in many ways.

Sounds ridiculous? Read on to find out how synthetic grass beats its natural counterpart when it comes to green practices.

Consumes Less Water

In some dry areas, water is a huge commodity. During the summer water can be incredibly scarce, which means your natural lawn will suffer as well. According to some studies, grass consumes as much as 50 percent of all water used on land. You can imagine that besides being a huge waste, it can also be expensive.

On the other hand, you don’t need to water your synthetic lawn. This will significantly reduce your water bill. And if every household switched to artificial turfs, we could save millions of gallons of the most precious liquid. The best thing is that your lawn will look flawless even without water.

Synthetic Grass Won’t Contaminate Local Water Sources

While we’re still talking about water, it’s also worth mentioning that fertilizers and pesticides you use to keep your natural lawn in shape can seriously affect the local drinking water sources. Products like fertilizers and weed killers contain powerful chemicals that can spread to water sources during heavy rain or when you water the grass. The chemicals are also absorbed into the ground and can contaminate the groundwater and the ocean. This will make the desalination and filtration processes more difficult before the water gets to your tap.

Artificial grass does not need these dangerous chemicals to stay fresh or to grow. Artificial grass does not attract any pests, weeds or bugs as the grass is completely synthetic.

Less Pollution

Mowing the lawn and other gardening chores have become incredibly easy thanks to all the advancements in technology. Today, using a mower or a leaf blower are a part of our everyday lives, but did you ever stop to think how much these tools pollute the air? Even the most advanced ones still produce a certain amount of dangerous emissions.

On the other hand, you do not need to use these tools to keep your artificial turf in shape. Even without them, it will look as fresh and immaculate as the first day you had it installed. You can use good-old, eco-friendly gardening tools and keep the lawn in shape with a few minutes of work.

Fantastic Gardeners

Despite ecological benefits of artificial turf, some gardeners still prefer having natural grass lawn. However, if one wishes to have a lovely lawn, there is the inevitable hassle of lawn mowing, trimming, edging, feeding of the lawn and garden clearance. Garden maintenance of natural grass is time and energy consuming, and if it is performed by an amateur, it can damage grass and other plants by inadequate use of fertilizers or too much water. But if you are owner of natural grass lawn, garden maintenance can be performed by professionals who use fertilizers, pesticides and energy sources minimally and efficiently, and you will have more time for other activities, and still be able to enjoy time spent in a lovely, well maintained garden. So if you prefer to spend less time maintaining your garden, and more time enjoying it, visit https://www.fantasticgardeners.co.uk/gardening-maintenance/ and they will take professional care of your garden.